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Sunday 27 February 2011

Back To School

Yep Half Term's finished.

When we get back in tomorrow there should be a big change with the building. The new extension should be up ~ with a roof! We shall see!

What a week of contrasts.
One lovely sunny day, but for the most it's been dreary, foggy and rainy.

On a dreary day what better than comments from people to cheer you up, so when Louise from Ontario left a comment that she was making a Girly Shawl and might have a go at A Bit of a Frill as well, I had to have a look at her blog. She's been sorting her sock yarn stash and (oh my) has enough sock yarn for .......wait for it.............82 pairs!!!! Wow that's going some, I've got enough for 16 pairs and think that's quite a lot. You've made me feel a whole lot better Louise, I am now following your progress.
The other lovely lady whom always leaves a kind word is Teresa from Oregon. Two of my 'real' friends mentioned her this week and her kind comments and although we've never met and would probably pass each other on street I feel ~ like I'm sure many of you who follow her blog ~ I know her quite well. I know this 'virtual friendship' is in someways a bit weird but I love looking into her world ~ this scenery is breathtaking ~ I thought it was pretty round my way!

Isn't Blogland great?!!!!!!

I took a basket of Hand Painted to the Butterfly Knitters on Saturday.
It was lovely to see them all again and chat about MiJu the new yarn shop, and have a bit of a laugh. My basket had 10 skeins in it when I went and only 4 when I came back which is wonderful and I'd like to say a big THANK YOU, but it now means I need to get some more undyed quickly ~ I can't launch with just 4 yarns can I? so the web site will be a little later than I'd hoped. The good news is that it is mostly built now although not published.

I've come across some new Sirdar patterns. I make loads of things from Sirdar ~ some great patterns and these two are no exception. These are made in their new Summer Stripes DK which isn't quite me, but there is also Simply Recycled cotton/acrylic mix which I've been lucky enough to squish in Along Came Polly and can confirm it's very soft. The little cardi only takes 4 x 50g balls so maybe.....'s ok I've not bought it yet!

Well, I hope you have a super week and you get a bit of sunshine!
Byeeeee....Clicky Needles.


  1. You are SO sweet! It was so neat to see that you've enjoyed our "virtual" friendship, so have I! I am very excited about your new web-shop and will be one of your first customers! :-)

    Hugs from Oregon

  2. Have a good half term! Hope things at school aren't too chaotic! Looking forward to seeing your 'shop' soon. (I won't tell you how much sock yarn I've got in my stash!!!!)

  3. I agree, Blogland is great! Thanks for the mention on your blog. My shawl is patiently waiting for me to get back to it as I am frantically knitting a pair of socks for this Sunday. There are now 6 of us from the Knitting Goddesses knitting guild that are knitting the Girly Shawl.


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