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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Sock Ta-Dah!

Hello all!
As I'd hoped my socks are finished.
I'm really pleased at how they turned out, and even more chuffed because I used my own yarn! They wouldn't match but somehow I don't mind. They're bright and cheerful and nice.
Those new Knit Pros helped and of course, I've been using a new Lego stitch marker. I love these and they make me smile.
As I predicted DS wanted them all for himself and has started to make himself something so he can use one too. We cast on for this which will be a creature of some sort. It'll be knitted in the round and filled with beans and stuffing. DS has no problem with knitting in the round he is actually very good at it. I cast on and got it going and he pulls it out every now and then and does a few rounds.
The yarn is left over from his socks that we made together last year.
I've been pottering in and out doors this week ~ which is most enjoyable. I got all these seeds on a recent visit to the local garden centre, so yesterday I started to plant some of them. As usual I got more than I need, but never mind, I'm hopeful for a fruitful harvest.
DS wanted to make some bread this week, so we got some yeast and followed the instructions on the packet. From this......
to this........... this. It was declared 'nice' by the family and we will be making some more I think.
Righto ~ I'm off to mow the lawn, all this warm weather and a bit of rain is making the grass grow so quickly.

As always, have a great week..................................byeeeeeeeeeeee..Clicky Needles.


  1. Like the yarn you have spun for the socks - very bright and cheery and I can almost smell that bread it looks deeeeelish.

    Have a great weekend!

    Leah x :)

  2. Socks a lovely colour and bread looks good as well. Sun in and out here so have been popping out to the garden and digging up dandelions from the lawn. dojo

  3. Love the socks, the colours are fab! And aren't Knit Pros the absolute bees knees!!

  4. Woohoo for a pair of finished socks. Great colours too!

  5. Bravo on the socks! I admire you so much as I did one pair of socks and it was really a pain in the neck for me to finish them.

    Hope your weather holds for your weekend in the garden.. after forEVER of rain here, they say we're in for some good stuff. I'll believe it when I see it. :-)

    Hugs, T

  6. Great socks - love the colours! I definitely have socks that I choose to wear to cheer myself up too! Mr JK has been busy in the garden. I think he's hoping that I'll clean the decking today, so I'll have to delay my spinning. Enjoy the holidays - they are going by too fast for my liking!!


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