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Friday 22 April 2011

A Very Good Friday

What a day!
The sun was blazing down again and Mr Clicky Needles joined me in the Favourite Place ~ actually we spent most of the day there, listening to the radio having a snooze and chatting away.

On Thursday I stopped by at our local builders merchant and bought some wood for some new trellising. We set DS on the job and he sawed and drilled and screwed together and made not one, not two but three trellis. He made a really good job of them. I hope to show you them attached to a wall soon!
I finished sewing up my blue bolero. I don't mind sewing things up, I love the feeling of satisfaction when a project is nearly over, as I sew I think of what will be next.
I wore it to knitting group today and they were very nice about it, although I'm not entirely sure about the back ~ I think it needs to be a bit more fitted.
You remember the seeds I was planting?
Well, here are some climbing french beans on their way up.
Other gardeny things.
For Teresa, the 'pond' ~ not a real pond as I explained before but just a tin bath sunk into the ground it's about 60cm or 2 foot deep, enough for the wildlife. The local birds have been using it all day for drinking from.
I've just transferred the hostas to here, splitting some of the others from the hosta/ferny bed. In the background are bluebells and the gunnera is starting to unfurl those wonderful big leaves.
The cherry tree gives a nice bit of shade, all the blossom has gone and it's now in full leaf.
In another corner are these white bluebells (whitebells?) ~ I'm not sure where they came from ~ I don't remember putting them in.
The classic combination of forget-me-nots and cowslips ~ the cowslips are determined to take over the lawn as well, so I cut around them.
Well, we've got more unseasonably hot weather forecast so relaxing is definitely the best idea!
Have a great Easter Weekend.
Bye for now ........................Clicky Needles.


  1. Like the blue bolero - I think it looks fine as it is.

    Love it when you can see new growth in the garden. We have a hoster which lives in a tub - it's great as comes up every year and looks fabulous but the slugs and snails really like it too and have a right old munch on the leaves so I am on an attack of the slugs this year to save my hosta. Have a great weekend. Leah x

  2. Leah, I have been know to walk around the garden on damp evenings removing the slugs and snails from the hostas, maybe a bit too manic????

  3. The bolero looks fine. Yay for another finished project. Happy Easter.

  4. Beautiful bolero and garden! Thanks for showing me the pond. The wildlife sure does enjoy a drinking spot!

    Hugs, Teresa

  5. I like your bolero, it's a lovely colour. I also like your necklace very much and it looks great with the bolero. I also enjoyed visiting your garden, I should be out doing something to ours I suppose. Lunch first I think though...


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