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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Oh what a lovely day.

Hello everyone.

I'm really pretty chilled and content at the moment, brought on by the wonderful sunshine and Easter Holidays. It struck me today whilst I was lying in my Favourite Place in my bikini (it's ok the neighbours can't see me) slathered in sunscreen (yes it was that hot!) that I've never shown you the whole garden. Close-ups of flowers yes, but not the whole thing.
Well I think I know you all well enough by now, so here are two pictures taken from upstairs. You can see my Favourite Place with my Ripple it All Up Blanket which has grown of late. To the left is the bubble pool and the red thing is a real buoy which was a present from our neighbours' when they holidayed in Cornwall.
The sound of running water can really transport you anywhere, such a lovely noise to have a doze to!
Our garden is North facing which is not always great, but it means that the hosta/ferny area in the bottom right of this picture does flourish. In the top corner is the 'pond' which at the moment has loads of tadpoles, frogs and a pair of newts.
From this height of course, flowers aren't showing up that well, only the apple trees which are breaking into blossom.
When we moved into our then new house 11 years ago the garden was nothing but earth. We removed 4 skip loads of stones and builders rubbish.
There you go, a quick tour of the garden!

Mr Clicky Needles and DS were away last weekend in Devon on a rugby weekend with other teams from the south, as far apart as Hove and South Wales! DS' team came back with a bowl which they were very proud of and DS also came back with these rather impressive stud marks on his arm!
Me and DD on the other hand went to Cribbs Causeway at Bristol looking for a prom dress for her. Sadly we didn't find a dress but there is a John Lewis at Cribbs so obviously the yarn department needed a visit. On having a quick rummage through the bargain shelf I found these two balls of Rowan Wool Cotton which are going to be turning into April's squares for the Phoenix Friendship Blanket. One will definitely have cables on ~ at the moment I'm not sure about the other.
I was trying to add the the Ripple Blanket today but the weather defeated me and it was just to hot. A thought sprang to mind and I remembered this crochet cotton bag that I'd started but not finished. It just ran out of steam I think. I guess we all have projects like that, they just get put somewhere and forgotten. My place for this is under a table next to the sofa, out of sight, out of mind. Anyhoo I started this TWO summers ago, on a 5 hour plane flight and hadn't got going on it again. It's going great guns now watch this space.
I've finished my blue cotton bolero which is blocking right now. Yaay!
I've also got a bit more dyeing done, these are the blanks I got at Wonderwool the other week. ALL of them are beautifully soft.

Alpaca Sock Yarn.
Blue Faced Leicester Aran, not everyones choice of colour I know but DS wanted it done in Camouflage!
Two skeins of laceweight, 100 per cent organic merino.

Hopefully I'll be getting some of these in my shop soon.

I can't quite believe I've got up to 41 followers! It is great to have so many people popping by and I love comments that you leave so thank you very much!

Well, with hot weather predicted tomorrow I bet you know where I will be found, trying not to fall asleep.

Look after yourselves and as always, have fun.............
Clicky Needles.


  1. Hi there! Love the garden pix! I'd like a closer view of your pond. I'm still enjoying my pretty yarn and wondering what to make with is!

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  2. I'm looking forward to a weekend full of yarny promise. Loven the colour of your teal laceweight.


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