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Sunday, 13 January 2013

A Bit Of A Chop

Hello Folks!

The first week back at work has been fine, fun to see the children again and hear about their Christmases although the lurgy has struck again and some are off already!

I was up at 6.00am this morning with Mr Clicky, he was being picked up by taxi and bound for Chicago on a business trip.  He phoned from Heathrow a few hours later, very pleased with himself, they'd been upgraded to Business Class. 

As I was up early ~ for a Sunday ~ and it was been a beautiful crisp day here today I decided to get outside and do some gardening.
It was sunny but chilly.
I chopped back the dead clematis on the front of the house, the postie has to sidestep to get past it.
I also tidied up some of the grasses on 'the beach' using my new Christmas Present kneeler my Mum and Dad gave me.  Oh heaven!  I would strongly recommend one.
I had a good hour of chopping and tidying and all the time planes overhead were producing some lovely vapour trails.

Mr Clicky's flight perhaps?
After I finished the front I had a mooch around the back garden to see what was shooting.
Somebody's been eating my flowers.
Some interesting moss on the drive.
 So, what knitting have I been up to? 

Well, a colleague of mine requested some mittens last week, she gets cold hands in gloves, so I suggested some Rowan Felted Tweed with it's lovely mix of wool and alpaca.  She chose this shade ~ Bilberry ~ and I am enjoying making them sooooo much.  The yarn is fabby to work with, I've finished one and I'm halfway up the other, you'll have to wait for the final result. 
 I've been carrying on with The Blanket I'm Not Allowed to Make, I've joined some squares and sewed loads of ends in when we took the children swimming with school last week, making good use of sitting around time.  It's all looking a bit blue at the moment, I must try and change that.
 That's about it I think, a quiet week without Mr Clicky around, but at least I'll have full control of the TV remote.

As always have a great week and keep smiling.

Bye for now.................Clicky Needles.

P.S.  We've got fingers crossed for snow, it's pretty cold now, so who knows?


  1. I must say I enjoy the odd week my oh is away, control of the remote and early dinner. But only a week or two a year. Love the progress that is being made on the throw that doesn't exist, am I going mad? I like blues. Missing Stroud, we won't get that proper wintry weather down here, always strunning on the tops. Fiona x

  2. Goodness.. a whole week.. since my hubby retired 3.5 years ago, we never have spent more than a few hours apart. But I'm not complaining.. he's a peach. I've tried to find you on Draw Something but it tells me there is no such person. But there is always WWF! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. You are so busy!!! I enjoyed seeing your pretty posies, beautiful sky and yarn. My outside geraniums are frozen. My inside geraniums aren't producing flowers, but the leaves are green and I have a little pot of crocus bulbs that are sprouting and looking promising. Your current stitching projects are in beautiful colors...even if you are a little worried about the blue in your squares : ) Wishing you and yours a safe and happy week with some beautiful snow.

  4. Brrr ... we had a little scattering but all gone for the drive to work ... !! I love your squares!! xx

  5. Oh the lurgy is terrible at our school too - only back a week and we have over 20 children off already today!
    Love the Rowan yarn - gorgeous colour.

  6. I love the squares your not allowed to make!!

  7. Hope you got your snow, I always try and do something at swimming or karate or what ever I have o wait around at also.


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