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Monday, 27 March 2017

Hello Sunshine

Hello All.

How lovely to see the sunshine this weekend. 
 I've stopped and looked up at the beautiful blue sky with aeroplane contrails and it made me smile.
We took the dog for a walk on Minchinhampton Common and found brightly coloured kites.
I dug a new hole for the washing line spike that had been removed by a digger, and hung out washing.  It feels like the weather is on the turn.

My temperature blanket has reached its fifth row.  I have decided to add a yellow middle for a sunshiny day, and two of the squares are pink in the 13-15 degree range, positively balmy. 
 I continue to join the wedding blanket but I was distracted by the Drops sock yarn sale that is on at the moment.  I bought these balls to make two pairs of socks, these and these.  
 Our building work progresses well,  I am looking beyond the dirt and dust, the windows look like this right now.  It's an excellent excuse not to do any cleaning.  
Let's hope this lovely weather continues. 
 I'll see you soon Clicky Needles.


  1. Love the temperature blanket. I love the idea of yellow centres for sunny days!

  2. I love the temperature blanket too! Not to mention the sock wool. I am trying to reduce my stash, so cannot buy any more yarn at the moment. In fact I am having a little sale of stuff here soon, so that I don't feel so hemmed in by all the yarn and craft stuff that I have!

  3. Incidentally, what has happened to you French house?

  4. Beautiful yarns my friend. Love the blanket. Best of luck on the renovation.

  5. I love drops yarn but I have resisted flying over to buy sock yarn when I am trying to use up my stash! Your blanket(s) are doing well. I love the wedding one, so pretty. I have never used white in crochet, it sets off the other colours well. Jo x

  6. Dear Clicky

    Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and wishes. I appreciate them so much.



  7. Hi there.. I lost my blog list a while back and have been rebuilding it.. I just was on Mr. Micawber's blog and saw your link and went.. eek.. I need to add Clicky's link.. so I did. Sorry I've been missing.. hope you visit my blog when you can. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Hi, Mrs. CN :) So good to catch up with you! Now I know the news you were teasing me with when last I visited was your house extension exciting! The wedding blanket is going to be so stunning. I thought I wanted to make a stained glass blanket with black framing, but white framing is wonderful! Happy Spring to you and yours xx

  9. I'm loving the sunshine, too. I hope you'll have many more sunshiny days to add to your temperature blanket. Good luck with the renovations, hope it goes well.

  10. The temperature blanket is coming along very nicely, it will be fun to see how it changes throughout spring. Hopefully with lots of yellow for sunny days!


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