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Sunday, 12 March 2017

My Pot Runeth Over

Hello All!

I thought it was time to take stock of my (Wedding Present) blanket and see how many more circles were needed.  I laid them all out in the living room and discovered, to my delight, it's only about 20 more.
I am loving these bright little circles and I think this blanket will be hard to part with.

Almost all the circles have also had the ends sewn in, 6 for each, so my pot of tiny bits is flowing over.
 I separated them all into individual colours and I'm making little pom-poms with them, as I can't bear throwing away even the smallest of bits.
These all need trimming.  I'm not sure what do with them yet, a pom-pom wreath? pom-pom garland? edging on a cushion? 
The weather has cheered up a bit and we have seen some sunshine.  I found myself doing some unexpected gardening today, I went out to cut a clematis down and ended up filling both my garden rubbish wheelie bins.  I'm feeling it now, my shoulders are really aching!

That's me for now, I'm itching to get those circles joined.

Have a great week...............Clicky Needles.


  1. Edging on the blanket?

  2. The blanket is looking wonderful. I am amazed you save those ends and make pom poms. I put a bunch of ends into a bird feeder for the birds to take to make their nests.

  3. These are acrylic so probably not too good for birds. If it was wool I might.

  4. Nice crocheted circles for the blanket! that's good you are only 20 circles away from being done!

  5. I had to pop over here to congratulate you on your knowledge of tractors - Yes indeedy it is a Fergie! Your blanket is certainly going to be hard to part with, looking so beautiful already. Jo x

  6. I was bought up on a farm, so second nature to me!

  7. Your blanket's going to be fabulous, such gorgeous colours. I'm sure the newly weds will be thrilled with it.

  8. This blanket will be gorgeous, a really great wedding present.
    Making pom poms out of yarn ends is a clever idea. Maybe a pom pom spring wreath.


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