Scavenger Hunt

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Wedding Blanket Ta-Dah!!!!!!!!!

 Wow, this became a bit of a marathon at the end.  

Mr Clicky was away on business the weekend before our Godson's wedding so I had a Netflix Binge on The Killing Season 2 (Danish Version.)  This was my whole Sunday, all 10 episodes.  I've crocheted long enough now not to have to look constantly at what I'm doing and the English subtitles are most definitely shortened from the actual dialogue.  What a good series, I gasped out loud a couple of times with the twist of the plot.

I am incredibly pleased with it, the pattern, Circle in a Square, is sometimes called Flowers in the Snow and you can see why.
It's the first time I have used white in a blanket, I usually go for darker colours, but I love it.
 I had enough colours to make sure that no 2 squares were the same.   
 Had I more time I would have added some more green to the border.

 There were an awful lot of ends to sew in!

 I finished it on Thursday evening, gave it a rinse through with fabric conditioner, dried and wrapped it in tissue paper with a bottle of fizz.
I'm pleased to say that the Bride and Groom were very happy with the result.  

I used a 4mm hook and Marriner Double Knit acrylic which is available from Shaws the Drapers.  

Phew, now that it's finished I can think about another project, it really took everything over!

See you soon......................Clicky Needles.

Sunday, 7 May 2017


Hello All!

The weather today has been glorious.   Me and Mr Clicky sat in the sunshine, he dozing a bit and listening to music while I settled myself in to my steamer chair and had a BIG push with the Wedding Pressie Blanket.  I'm kinda running out of time, the wedding is on the 20th May.  Today it is the 7th May.  12 days to finish.  I was starting to panic so decided to give myself the weekend to have a good work on it.  I'm pleased to say the circles in my basket have diminished and there is only a row's worth left.  I may make a few more, I'm not sure it's wide enough.  Is 12 evenings enough I wonder? The simple answer is, it'll have to be.
 Behind me in my chair is the lovely clematis Montana where the blackbird pair are nesting.  It's so dense it's the perfect place for them.
 Sadly Mr and Mrs Blue Tit haven't nested in 'their' box this year.  I think they've used it for five years or so, maybe more.  I'm hoping they just found the building work too noisy and disruptive and that they'll be back next year.  The box looks a bit lonely.
That's me for now, my arms and legs are feeling a little sun kissed, and I have had a lovely day.

Let's hope the weather stays this way, but it probably won't. Oh yes, and we need to have some night time downpours too please.
Have a great week............................Clicky Needles.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Garden Stuff

Hello All!

I thought I'd start with a few the only flowers in our garden.
A lovely red tulip
and a primrose, palest yellow.

In my mind all of the garden is looking lush, the lawn is green growing like mad, the tulips are standing like soldiers and daffodils fading away.

In reality it looks like this.  Dug up roots, builders rubbish and concrete blocks.

A skip was called for, and yesterday Mr Clicky, Master Clicky and me had a good tidy up.  Loads of nasty clay and stones were barrowed to the skip, we dug out an old buddleia and rose and we burnt lots of old bits of wood and fence panels.  That's better.
I had spotted a blackbird hanging around inside the extension ~ it's open as we are waiting for the glass doors to come.
I noticed some sticks in the roof space

and found the start of several small nests in there.  
I've been watching the blackbird pair today and happily, they have relocated their nest into the clematis growing on the fence. 
The bluebells around these parts are looking stunning, they seem to glow, these were in our local woods.
I hope you have a super week, bye for now,
Clicky Needles.