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Monday, 1 May 2017

Garden Stuff

Hello All!

I thought I'd start with a few the only flowers in our garden.
A lovely red tulip
and a primrose, palest yellow.

In my mind all of the garden is looking lush, the lawn is green growing like mad, the tulips are standing like soldiers and daffodils fading away.

In reality it looks like this.  Dug up roots, builders rubbish and concrete blocks.

A skip was called for, and yesterday Mr Clicky, Master Clicky and me had a good tidy up.  Loads of nasty clay and stones were barrowed to the skip, we dug out an old buddleia and rose and we burnt lots of old bits of wood and fence panels.  That's better.
I had spotted a blackbird hanging around inside the extension ~ it's open as we are waiting for the glass doors to come.
I noticed some sticks in the roof space

and found the start of several small nests in there.  
I've been watching the blackbird pair today and happily, they have relocated their nest into the clematis growing on the fence. 
The bluebells around these parts are looking stunning, they seem to glow, these were in our local woods.
I hope you have a super week, bye for now,
Clicky Needles.


  1. Progress! In the midst of building I'm glad you not only enjoyed seeing some blooms and got some tidying done, but you enjoyed the construction efforts of some feathered friends :) I got some dried flower stalks gathered up the other day, and we have been enjoying white wild cherry blossom showers. Happy May!

  2. Your yard looks so nice after your tidy up! I didn't know you were building an addition to your house. I hope to see more photos inside when you're done. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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