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Monday, 12 September 2011

Hello all.
The first week back at school was good fun! 
It is nice to see lots of little smiley faces.

As I type this I'm nice and cosy in the study, listening to howling wind outside.
It's got up to 40mph in this neck of the woods today.
Why am I telling you this?
Well my poor DD is camping tonight at Slimbridge on the banks of the River Severn.  She's gone with fellow students on her college course.
I think they might not get much sleep!

Do you like my lovely sunflower? It's the only one I managed to get to germinate and grow a bit before the slugs/snails got to it.  I wandered into the garden the other day wondering how it was doing and guess what?  It had also been attacked by slugs and was lying on the ground just attached by a sliver of stem.  I cut it off and now is on the kitchen windowsill.
I love the colours.
 On the knitting front, I've finished the ipad cosy, and I just need to sew the button on my Autumn Cardi.  Do you remember it? No? I'm not surprised I started it in April.  How bad is that?  In my defence it is a chunky yarn and it has been a bit warmer of late.  Anyhoo, once I get the button on I'll let you know.
 I've also got my Montague Vest back on the go which is from the book New England Knits.  This is made in Rowan Little Big Wool so fast going.  I'm pleased I picked this up again, I'm loving the lace pattern with the chunky yarn and it's sooooooo soft.
Oh blimey!  I hear more gusts of wind.
Hope she's ok.

Hope your week is a good one.
Bye.................Clicky Needles.


  1. Glad to hear that school is off to a good start for you! I do hope your daugther is ok out there. At least she has good company to help out! I'm sure they'll all be fine. Your iPad cozy looks very cute :) I love the colors and the little buttons!

  2. It's great you're so happy with your work. I also hope your daughter fares well in the stormy camping. Let us know. I adore the iPad cozy.. I must make one for mine.. mine is a twin to yours!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Oh dear, I don't think I'd have wanted to camp in that! It was 65mph in Leeds last night, they showed footage of the planes attempting to take off in it, really scary stuff! It's still howling today. Hope she was OK.

  4. Hope your daughter was ok last night. Part of the garage roof opposite us blew off yesterday, and my greenhouse is in bits. What a shame about the sunflower, but I bet it's really brightening up your kitchen with those gorgeous colours. Love the Ipad cosy.

  5. Yes hope DD was safe and sound. Rough ooh yes and on the Severn with that South West wind coming up!
    Your Montague Vest looks a bit difficult.dojo


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