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Monday, 10 October 2011

Alexandra Palace

Hello all!
Well, I had a lovely day yesterday at Ally Pally.

The entrance was bedecked with knitted bunting.
As you'd expect there were beautiful rainbows of colour.

Some work of fashion students.
Nice bit of crochet!
 As I wandered around with my pal Romain, this throw stopped me in my tracks.  It was lovely, the picture doesn't really do it justice.  The cables are massive!  As I pondered how you'd make it on straight needles (it must have been at least 15mm),  she helpfully pointed out that you could use interchangeables.  
 We ooo'd and aaah'd our way around the show stopping for a squish here and there, and talking yarn all the way.
When we came out the mist was settling over London in the distance.
Canary Wharf.
 The Gherkin.
 The Shard under construction. 
The o2 Arena.
 "What did you buy?" I hear you ask.
A Toft Alpaca pattern book.
I'm particularly pleased with this because I've been wanting to make this jumper for quite some time but it had only been available as a kit.
Green sock yarn from Texere on the cone and some felt balls to make a necklace.
I was having a real green and purple day! 
 1150g of Aran weight yarn from Woolfish.  I am going to use this to make an a-line jacket (I tried one on and it looked quite good.)   I did want to get this yarn in green too, but the voice of reason ~ Romain ~ pointed out that grey wouldn't date so much.
So, not such a huge haul but we had a super day.  

Now, if you missed X Factor on Saturday night you would have missed this excellent advert from Yeo Valley the West Country Dairy.
I wouldn't usually put a Yeo Tube thingy on the my blog but this sung by 'The Churned'  makes me laugh and laugh.
Sadly not many young farmers look like this around here, but we can enjoy these fake farmers instead.

I hope you like it too.

Righto, off to do a tension square for my jacket now. 

Have fun...........Clicky Needles.


  1. Love the advert! I would never have seen it but for you, thank you!

  2. Classic......I wish we had a few farmers like that around these parts. x

  3. Oh how I wish we had craft shows like this in Belfast! :( The purchases are great, green and purple are my favourite colours.

  4. I keep saying I'll got to Ally Pally, but with my stash the size it is, I don't have the motivation!

    Love the video. I wish we had farmers like that around here - most of ours are 50+, portly and red-faced :lol:

  5. You were most restrained with your purchasing! I'm off to Loop next Saturday or I'd have probably tried to squeeze in a trip to Ally Pally this year.

  6. Oh my gosh, that video is hysterical! Thanks for sharing a smile and a laugh :) It sounds like you had a wondeful time at your crafty expo and came away with some fun new additions to your stash and library. Things like that make you wish you had a million dollars and all the time in the world. But alas, it doesn't always happen that way! Enjoy yourself and good luck with your new jacket!

  7. Wow wool v good, but the young farmers are good and the cows well behaved and of course the yogurt is the best tasting there is. Don't need converting. dojo

  8. So lucky of you getting to go to this show. I'm so glad I have the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival here. Now to watch your video!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. At least she didn't tell what I bought!!

  10. Lucky you getting to the Show...hugs x

  11. Is nice to see another view point on the same blog subject.

    Your voom is way better than mine for the close up shots of London.

  12. Some great buys! I'm very jealous of your trip -always wanted to go but never found the time.

  13. You came home with some nice yarn and I like the sweater pattern. Happy knitting!

  14. Oooh, I love that video, I've just posted it to my facebook status to give everybody a Saturday morning giggle. Thank you. Hope to meet up soon.


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