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Monday, 24 October 2011

Woot! Half Term

Hello all.

Time the have a bit of chill and relax, half term has arrived.

The freezing temperatures didn't turn out to be as bad as the rumours were saying (where do they start?) although some mornings this week have been crisp.
As I got in the car to go to work one day this week I looked up and saw this beautiful sky.
That doesn't mean to say it's not got cold in the evenings so I gave the woodburner a jolly good clean.  I didn't do the fire surround however as you can see, it's made from Cotswold Limestone and does tend to discolour from the soot.
A job for this week I think.
Mr Clicky Needles was surprised when he got up on Saturday morning to find it already lit.
 "Hum, you've lit the fire," he said.
"Yep," I replied, "I'm going to settle myself in and watch the rugby."
"You'll need to be hunkered down," he answered with a grin, "It's tomorrow."
I did consider staying there for a whole day but no....................
So, anyway I was back in the same position on Sunday to watch New Zealand beat France 8 -7.  A hard fought match worthy of a final.  Well done New Zealand hard luck France.
Of course watching rugby means lots of chance to knit.  I've finished the back, one front and started a sleeve of my jacket.  The cone is now a lot smaller! 
I've had a little break from the jacket however, because I've a square for the friendship blanket to get done before the month's end.  Hopefully it'll done by the end of the day and I can get it off.
Righto.  I'm off to put some washing out, which if I can get to stay on the line and not get blown all over the garden, I think will dry fairly quickly.

Have a fun week.............Clicky Needles.


  1. Your jacket is growing well. I'm looking forward to seeing it all finished. Enjoy half term!

  2. You are making great progress on the sweater!

  3. You can't beat a woodburner. :)
    Blimey you are motoring on with that jacket aren't you? Bring it on Wednesday, I'd love to see it!

  4. My washing looked like it was going to take off this afternoon. Hope you made the most of the sunshine - I've heard we are getting rain tomorrow.

  5. That looks quite snug :) It's getting quite chilly here too. It desperately makes me wish that my hubby and I had a fire place! We keep the heat on, but keep it low so as to keep the bill from becoming too expensive. We dress warmly and snuggle up in slippers and blankets, which are draped hither and thither throughout the living room. Your jacket is coming along so fast and looking great so far! Keep up the good work! I'm looking forward to seeing it completed! Which pattern are you using? Stay warm and we'll hear from you next time!

  6. Hope you've had a chilled out half term. That green blanket square looks interesting.


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