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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Pete Reed, Olympic Hero

Hello there!

I'm giddy with excitement right now because Mr Clicky, me and DS have just been into Stroud to see Pete Reed the gold winning Olympian.  He was in the Coxless Fours Rowing Team and won gold.
He came out of The Subscription Rooms
 and got onto the open top bus, complete with outriders and a samba band.

 I cheered loudly, much to DS' embarrassment.  His Mum and girlfriend sat down next to him looked very proud.
I really enjoyed the Paralympics and Olympics, the athletes were so inspiring.  I watched whenever I could, so to see Pete and his medal was fabulous.

Back to school last week, it was lovely to see the kids again  ~ but how tiring!  We went on a trip to the Black Country Living Museum as our 'Wow' which gets our Victorians topic rolling.  

The sunrise that morning was beautiful. 

The children had a great time learning about life 'in the olden days' and went into houses, down the mine and experienced what a school would have been like.  I however, had a less fun as I fell off a kerb and twisted my ankle. Ouch! 

I got it x-rayed the next day, luckily it wasn't broken.  The advice was 'to elevate' which was just what I did.  I elevated my foot on my steamer chair in the sunshine.  I've been hobbling around ever since, but the swelling is going down now.

My knitting mojo seems to have deserted me a bit but I have got my squares finished and sent for August.
My gardening mojo has also evaporated but I think has a lot to do with the weather.  The red germaniums in my lovely stone trough are about the only thing looking good at the moment.    
Unfortunately you can't see them right now as they have a fridge freezer plonked in front of them waiting for collection.  Yes, our fridge freezer decided to pack up on Saturday night. *Sigh*  Luckily we didn't have to go on a mad eating fest, we do have another freezer in the garage.    Mr Clicky and me went after work one night and bought another one to be delivered tomorrow, thank goodness.

So that's about it for now I think, I've got lots of blogs to catch on so I'll settle down with a cup of tea.

Bye for now..........Clicky Needles.


  1. Geraniums are all I can grow, I never get tired of them...the mojos will come back, just keep looking at the geraniums!

  2. Goodness, your ankle is so swollen, hope it feels better soon. I have some pots of red geraniums outside my back door, they've been blooming all summer and are still going strong. Such feel good flowers.

  3. Gosh, so sorry about your ankle, it looks painful! I adore your geraniums in the trough.. do you winter them over? Hubby puts ours in the basement for the winter and they perk right up when he brings them out in Spring. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Ouch! Your ankle looks painful. I am an expert ankle sprainer, make sure you rest it for long enough!

  5. Glad you saw the Olympiads - Yes it was very good for the whole country. Did cheer us up. We were able to forget "wot a terrible state the country is in" mode for a while. And a bit of sun now is good! That fridge/freezer must have been quite old! Hope the ankel improving. dojogan xx

  6. So sorry you hurt your ankle, but I hope by now it is well and truly healed. I missed your post because I was traveling, on a long weekend to see some family members and friends in CA. I remember how busy my days were when I worked as a teaching assistant in an elementary school in NY, but I loved the one on one tutoring I was able to do with the children. I hope you have a wonderful school year with some restful knitting along the way. I am working on crocheting a pumpkin :)
    Joy to you and yours,


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