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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Some Knitting At Last.


I am still here, in one piece.  
Life seems to have been rushing along at a pace, one blink of the eye and it's nearly the end of September.  Things have been hectic at school and the only thing I'm fit for in the evenings is a gin and tonic. 

I have finished my Reversible Sock Yarn Hat.
It was cast on provisionally, one side completed and then the other.
I had chosen the maroon yarn for the second side to complement the first and intended to make it plain.  The second side however was boring me silly so I added the blue stripey oddment.
Strange how stripes seem to make knitting go quicker, before I knew it I was done.
I've also finished the crochet 'Lucy Bag'.
 I went the whole hog and added buttons to the flowers.  It's not lined yet, I need to find some fabric.
 With these projects finished off, I was looking for the next challenge.  

I had lovely array of Rowan Felted Tweed, which came to me 
via my friend Romain's sort out.

I could picture what I wanted to make, a stripey cardi.   "Ooooooo" my work colleagues would say, as I swanned around, "that's beautiful."  I would smile smugly  and reply "It's Merino and Alpaca." My little knitty world would be happy.
Unfortunately I have been unable to find the perfect pattern.  
I can see it in my head.
A 'flappy' cardi, no buttons, maybe some pockets, but despite much prevaricating and searching through Ravelry and the like, I still can't find it.
So, the Felted Tweed has gone back into the stash.

I've had two more failed cast-ons (tension, bah!) but, finally I'm going for Abalone which is a waistcoat.
It's knitted in one piece and then grafted together on the shoulders.
For this I'm using some British Breeds Jacob Grey Aran. Possibly not as luxurious as the Silk/Merino yarn which the pattern suggests, but this yarn has been in my stash for nearly 4 years, so I'm pleased to be using it.

The aran has a pleasantly 'sheepy' smell and although it is a little course, I think it's going to be really warm, so useful in the Autumn days we're currently experiencing. 

So all in all Happy Days. 

 My ankle is still hurting but at least I can get shoes on now and looking on the bright side, it's only 3 weeks until half term.   Woot!

As always, have fun and keep smiling.

Byee...............Clicky Needles.


  1. Wow, that reversible hat is amazing and gorgeous!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Hurrah, you are still with us and not submerging. I love the hat, very clever idea! Also, please let me know when you find that cardigan pattern, I am looking for one too...simple, flowing but not silly, perhaps one button at the top at the most, bit of interest, not frumpy and not high fashion either... sigh! Fiona x

  3. Good to hear from you again! You hat looks very fun and that upcoming jacket looks very cute. I hope you find what you're looking for with all of that tweed yarn!

  4. Good things come to those who wait :) You have both inspired and terrified me because your skill level is so far advanced than mine, but I am so glad you posted photos of your beautiful projects! I am sorry that your ankle still hurts, however. I hope your day to day routine eases up a bit even before half term...I am reminded of how I was regularly asleep by 9PM during the years I worked at weekends were so short...holidays were so wonderful and snow days unexpected bliss :) xx from Gracie

    1. Oh Gracie you have me laughing. We get GOOD snow round these parts too!

  5. That is a very fun looking hat! And I made an Abalone last spring, they are really easy and super cute!

  6. I love your reversible hat! I haven't seen anything like that before, and your crochet bag is fab. :)

  7. Wow lots of colourful impressive projects. Love them.


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