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Sunday, 28 July 2013


Hello folks!

I've decided that I'm going to 'do' something every day I'm off.  Obviously I do the normal stuff like the washing/ hoovering/ shouting at the kids/ knitting but I'm also going to do other things, it might just be tidying out a drawer that has sat for a long time filling to bursting or some gardening.

So here we go, this week I have.

Monday: Food shopping, boring but we gotta eat.
Tuesday: Made cottage cheese.
This was really easy and good fun.
There are loads of recipes out there, this is what I did.
The milk should NOT be homogenised, most supermarket milk is, mine came from a local diary.
(When milk is homogenised it is sprayed through filters which breaks up the fat and therefore keeps longer.)
Bring 2 litres of milk not quite to the boil so it bubbles but doesn't boil.
Take it off the heat, add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice for  every 600ml.
Stir and it will become lumpy.
Strain and you get curds and whey.
Eat!  It'll keep for a few days in the fridge.  Mine had a lemon tang ~ I might have used a bit too much juice ~ having said that I liked it.
Wednesday:  Undercoat the back door.   It's not been painted since we moved in 12 years ago when it was a much brighter blue.

Look there was even a bit off lichen growing on it.
Dunno what colour it will be yet, but undercoat is a start.

Thursday:  Fruit picking with Miss Clicky.
I had the need to make jam.
We went to a local pick your own.
I was surprised to find the raspberries growing in pots.
 The strawberries are planted in grow bags up on stilts so no bending over.  Not the massive fruit you see in the supermarkets but really tasty. 
Miss Clicky amongst the strawberries.
We came back with a basket of strawberries and one of  raspberries.

They didn't all go into the jam ~ some for tea too.
I made one batch of raspberry.
What a fabby colour.
Friday: Morning made one more batch of raspberry and one of strawberry.  Had a taste, there's always some leftover which goes in the Tupperware pot, to be eaten straight away.

It won't win any awards ~ the strawberry was quite scummy even after all the butter I added ~ but tastes it lovely, even if I do say so myself.
A motley crew of jars, they all tend to go into recycling these days, so this was the best I could find.
Friday:  Afternoon went to Witney over the border in Oxfordshire with Mr Clicky.  Not content with slightly damaging the iPad the other week, I went for a full on break this time, it went to be repaired.

I dropped it on this cobblers last ~ cast iron, size 5c in case you wondered ~ which is used as a door stop.  I had it in my hand with the smart cover folded back, the magnet couldn't hold it properly and it slid off.
Saturday:  Morning sorted out all my toiletries and chucked away lots.  Mint shower gel.  Supposed to 'wake you up', feels like it's removing your skin.  None of the Clicky gang will use it.  Gone.

 Saturday:  Afternoon went to knitting group ~ it's a hard job but someone has to do it.

A few weeks ago I changed my phone.  Here's my old faithful Nokia, good for phoning people, that's about it.
I was after a phone with a good camera, so this is it.  Samsung Galaxy Ace, a cracking piece of kit that does more things than I could possibly imagine.  The strawberry picking pictures were taken with it.  
Good huh?
I'm very pleased with it.
Phew!  A long post, sorry if I've kept you too long.

Can I keep up the doing?    

As always, have fun and I'll see you soon.
Bye.........................Clicky Needles.


  1. It looks like you're being very productive and enjoying your time off! We also made strawberry and raspberry jam.. we made the no-cook freezer version. Enjoy your summertime.. we head out for 10 days of camping in our trailer in about 10 days or so.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Well, Mrs. C., I have enjoyed viewing your daily industry...with the exception of the final blow to your iPad :( We have not made jam yet, but our blackberries should be ripe soon! Your cottage cheese looks wonderful! I have made yogurt, but never any sort of cheese. May happy summer days continue for you and yours!!!
    Gracie xx

  3. That's a good idea about something each day, love the look of your jams, nothing beats the taste of home made jam.

  4. Like you I try to do one thing each day, sometimes fun, sometimes boring but satisfying. I've also been jamming, it's one of the pleasures of summer. x

  5. It is one of my special skills to do something everyday, it makes me feel sane and useful in the humdrum of things. Glad you got loads done. It always lifts your spirits. Thanks for checking out my little girls dress. Jo x

  6. Very well done, a very good achievement. I should do the same thing. Perhaps I shall start on Monday?

  7. Well done you!! I think that's a great idea! I expect you'll find it amazing what you actually do do! I know I often look back at my days and feel that I've frittered them away! Loved the basket of raspberries and strawberries....they looked yummy!! You're right...the jam is a lovely colour! I'm exactly the same an recycle my jars...I've learnt after wanting to make jars 2 years ago so now I make sure that I keep the best for my jam making! Joan

  8. You have been very busy! The jam looks delicious.
    M x


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