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Friday 9 August 2013


Hello folks.
How are you?
I've been up to lots of doings which I had planned to tell you about today but I am too tired to be amusing/spell things correctly/nice.

Mr Clicky and me decided that it is time to replace the some of the carpets at home.  They were all new when we moved in 12 years ago and now they're all worn out together.  We're doing 3 bedrooms, stairs, living room and study.  Half a house move.  We've also decided that each room needs the skirting boards painting before the new carpets go in.  Great.  Woodwork the worst sort of painting ever and the bannisters are really fiddly.  So, as well as sorting out the rooms and chucking out the accumulated rubbish from 12 years we're decorating too.   

This week I am to be found kneeling with my bum in the air, painting.
I have paint up my arms and we can't find a thing.  The poor dog isn't sure quite what to do with himself and he also has a white streak of paint on his side.
Mr Clicky is on holiday but has injured his back loading up the car to go to the tip.   He is walking gingerly.
On a brighter note I pulled this tunic out of the naughty corner and sewed it up.  It wasn't really naughty, I couldn't be bothered to do it.
I got the yarn whilst I was in France in February.  It is a simple t-shaped tunic knit in one piece on 7mm needles.   The knitting took no time.  The sewing up longer.
It is cosy warm and if I was thinner would be quite long. 
 Still, I'm very pleased with it and I love the brightness of the yarn.

Righto, I'm off for a bath ~ my knees really hurt ~ and I'll see you again when I've got more energy.
Bye for now............Clicky Needles.


  1. You poor thing, you will be so happy when everything is sorted and new.

    Love the sweater.

  2. Hope it all goes well. I HATE painting woodwork!!! xxx

  3. Painting woodwork = the invention of the devil :D


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