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Sunday 1 September 2013

Holidays No More.

Hello Folks!

The summer holidays have finished and I must return to work tomorrow.  The alarm will ring at 6.30am, the memories of long lie-ins forgotten.   The children come in Tuesday.  It will be great to see them all again and I will try to remember their names, after six weeks away it's not that easy!

Still, not dwelling on that too much I though you might to see some books I bought from my local Booksale shop a few weeks ago.

Firstly, Granny Chic.
Now, I know I am late to the party with this one, so sorry about that.
What a fun book!
Who wouldn't want a caravan to decorate with vintage wallpaper?
In the book we are advised to "put on a pretty frock and clogs, wrap a granny chic pinny around your waist and feel peachier about your chores."   Yes, dear reader I tried it.   It worked.
 I'm not sure that Mr Clicky would be too impressed if I tried to wallpaper a door like this, but this a lovely book, written with a good deal of humour, with some easy crochet, fabric and cross stitch projects.  Fun!
I also found Sew It Up, a sewing manual with small projects in.
I am capable of sewing, but my machine lives in the cupboard under the stairs happily without me annoying it too much other than making curtains and repairing holes in trousers.  I'm always jealous of others in the bloggy world and their sewing skills but I  come from the 'bodge it and it'll do school of sewing'.
This book has given me the inspiration to have a bit of a go again. 
It has really clear and concise instructions with good pictures.
I might have a go at this book bag.
A little purse.
 And I really love this quilted needlecase.  
Before I knew it I was off on a project ~ re-lining a basket I use for cosmetics in the bedroom with a grey checked fabric.  Only one sewing machine shot because I'm not sure I want you looking too close!
Anyhoo, by the end of it the basket was looking better.  I was quite pleased.

 Who knows what will be next?

I also got this lovely Clangers book from Amazon.  My intention when buying this book was a nostalgic look at my childhood friends, to have a smile and pop it on the shelf.  Mr Clicky loved it and  took it into work the next day.
 Apparently he and his colleague need a Soup Dragon for their desks.
They also need a Clanger family.
And the Iron Chicken.  (Obviously.)
This is a cracking little book with instructions on how to make the Moon surface, Caves, Soup Well and just about everything that was in the series.   Whether Mr Clicky and co will have any of them living on their desks I'm not sure, we'll see.

So, I must leave you know and go to bed in preparation for tomorrow.  
I've had a great Summer Holiday, I've no complaints about the weather on the whole and lots of things got done around the house.  
It's been a good one.

Bye for now..................Clicky Needles.


  1. I'm glad you had a good summer for weather.. we did too.. quite amazing, actually, for Oregon! LOVE that Granny Chic book! I'm working on a cotton blanket.. more on that tomorrow. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Good luck with the new school year. Love your new books.

  3. My husband is back in tomorrow also but happy it's an inset day as he wouldn't have to iron a shirt......
    Hope you have a good day.

    Melanie x

  4. Hope its a happy return to work :)

    My boys go back later this week and Monday. Its been fab having them home for so long and we've had a wonderful summer holiday :)

    Loved the Clangers as a child - just not sure my knitting skills are up to making one though!!

  5. And we never did make it to the Lavender Cafe! I never made a clanger either - poor deprived children. I can see a colony of clangers arriving on desks all over the workplace!

  6. Hope your return to work has gone well. It's a teacher training day today so Eleanor's back in tomorrow. Your basket looks great, and I don't know about "bodge it and it'll do", it looks very professional to me. I loved The Clangers when I was a child, I think it was the funny little sounds they made which made them so endearing.

  7. I always adored the Clangers too, I used to watch it with my daughter and I have now become her Soup Dragon...

    Your basket looks very nice, well done, I hope you manage to make more things.

  8. I've got the Granny Chic book too and find that although its great to flick through and the photos are fab, the almost constant use of 'peachy' has me cringing. Its just a bit too sugary sweet for me. But ah, the Clangers - now that's a quality book to accompany a quality programme.

    1. I do know what you mean, I don't consider myself to be cutesy, but I did think it was fun.

  9. I like the look of the Granny Chic book, I must say. Although my husband loathes the look and would be quite cross if I started decorating our house in that style - but still, it's fun to browse! x


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