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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sore Throat and Aching Legs.

Hello All!

Me and Mr Clicky have had a great weekend.
On Saturday morning we toured around Gloucester's bathroom showrooms getting ideas for the en-suite.  We stopped briefly in McDonald's ~ not our usual haunt but we were out and about ~ and then went to Kingsholm for the first match of the rugby season.

The thought of watching rugby whilst the sun shone down was very appealing and it's a while since we watched a game.  Mr Clicky wanted to wear his Gloucester shirt but I put my foot down as it must be eight or nine years old.  There was, however a good selection of shirts from the years in front of us, all based on Cherry and White. 
 We stood in The Shed.  Nothing as palatial as the stand opposite us, The Shed is concrete terracing along the one side of the whole of the pitch with a tin roof over.  You get really close to the pitch although in winter it can be blinking cold.  The atmosphere within is great and a good opportunity to shout and scream loudly.  Of course I joined in with the chant of Gloooooooosssssssttttttttteeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr.
The first half wasn't very inspiring ~ if you were a Gloucester supporter ~ and Sale Sharks were playing the better rugby.

The second half was more exciting as Gloucester tried to get more points on the board but sadly they lost.  Sale Sharks 22 Gloucester 16.  We had a great afternoon but returned back to the car with aching legs and very sore throats.
Today we've just meandered around and taken the dog for a walk and I then remembered to wash Master Clicky's school uniform!  Not quite got back into the routine yet.

On the knitting front I'm halfway through some Bella's Mittens of Twilight fame.  I can't resist a cable and I'm using some Sirdar Hug from my stash.  
A nice easy pattern.
Lastly two things to show you that I have bought.
Now, I know you probably don't give a fig what I'm wearing but I had to share two of my recent purchases with you.
A poncho from Tesco. 
I saw this, um-ed and ah-ed thought 'I can make that' tried it on and decided to buy.  It was the cables that did it.  Super snuggly and warm and would I make it?  No.
Master Clicky laughed a lot when I got it home.  I don't care and told him if Clint Eastwood can rock the poncho look, then so can I.  I won't be chewing a cheroot whilst wearing it however.
 Secondly a new coat.  Now,  I'm a green anorak kinda girl.  When I saw this I wanted it.

 It has a lovely turquoise satin lining and purple velvet edging.
With the weather chilling I might be wearing it soon.
 I won't know myself.  

Righto, off to do some ironing now.
Keep smiling............Clicky Needles.


  1. Well, I just enjoyed a nice long visit with you, dear, CN, and had fun catching up on your carpets, painting, IKEA, M&S, and now rugby! I have never seen a whole rugby game, but got to watch a great nephew play a practice game of football 2 weeks ago and really enjoyed that. Your knitting projects are impressive... socks and cabled mittens!
    I enjoyed your sightseeing photos as well, and can imagine you wearing your new boots and poncho and coat with panache :) Hope you have a happy school year!!!
    Gracie xx

  2. The last Rugby match I saw was Gloucester V Northampton Saints, many years ago but thoroughtly enjoyable, nonetheless. I think it was your team's chanting that did it for me, it sounded smashing.

    I like your poncho, I knitted one about forthy years ago and it lasted for ages. Your coat is smashing! Love the colours, it will surely keep you toasty wasrm.

  3. Oh my, rugby legs and that coat, I am not a clothes person but I love your new coat! I like rugby thighs too ;) Fiona x

  4. Three of my children were watching that match from the shed!!!


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