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Sunday, 2 February 2014


Hello Folks.

I've just read Fiona's Blog over at KnitKnatKnotUk.  She had a lovely sounding time on Saturday, cycling down to  Bristol Harbourside and then "a cosy afternoon of blog writing, knitting and 6 nations rugby." 

 This was much the afternoon I had planned.  Master Clicky and Me had haircuts in the morning and that was about it.  An afternoon in front of the fire.  The haircuts went fine but on the way home the car decided to conk out. I coasted into a bus stop, the car had died.  I tried several time to turn the engine over but it wasn't playing.  RATS.  A quick phone call to the RAC and a man arrived 3/4 hour later.  He disappeared under the bonnet and, having tried a few things, declared there was nothing he could do.  "No problem," I said, "just tow me up to the garage."  "I can't," he said, "no towing license.  I'll get someone else to come."
Master Clicky and Me got back into the car, and did a crossword and played snap ~ we found not one, but two packs of cards.  Master Clicky not very competitive when it come to snap.  I won. Hands down.
An hour later we spotted a tow truck.  This was fortuitous, because having had a cup of tea at the hairdressers, I need to go to the loo. 
Master Clicky and Me hopped in the cab, we were away and back at the garage in 10 minutes, I threw the keys at the nice man in the shop and ran home to the loo.   I'll be back there on Monday morning to see if they can lend me a car.
 At least these daffs, 2 bunches at £1.00 each, are making me feel a bit more cheery.
And now progress on my cardi.  
I've picked up and knitted the front border and now got to the sleeves.  The border is a bit wavy at the moment but I'm hoping that blocking will sort it out.  
 I've decided to join in with the Ravellenic Games, making a Short Track Shawl as part of the Team GB group. 
We've even had a bit of snow to get me in the mood.
 I've limbered up and am ready for the mass cast-on on Friday.

That's me for now.
Have a great week.
See you soon..............Clicky Needles.


  1. Oh no, sorry about your car. What a pain. The daffodils are lovely, they would cheer anyone up. :)

  2. Oh sausages, I was just about to message you that I've spent the afternoon wrestling with Big Daddy, oops I mean Puff Daddy..... what a blankety blank about the car and a wasted afternoon...although fortuitous you had cards in the car. I hope today was better :D Fiona x

    1. Big Daddy, that takes me back. Dickie Davis, World of Sport!!!!! That's what Saturday afternoons were!

  3. Well, you sure took the car thing in stride! I hope the rest of your day went well! We've got sunshine over here in Oregon.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. An adventure...but I am glad you eventually got life sorted out, and that you have a new project to enjoy, Mrs. C. :) xx

  5. Oh no, that's pants about your car. The daffs look nice - I bought a couple of bunches in Asda last week and picked up some more in Tesco this morning. They really cheer up the windowsill in the kitchen. I hope the bill for the car repairs isn't too eye-watering.

  6. That's an adorable knitted sweater so far! very cute :)



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