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Sunday, 26 January 2014


Hi There!

I've not taken many photos this week due to the fact it still hasn't stopped raining.  Now, I don't like to complain but it has rained nearly every day for what seems like months.  My heart goes out to the people who are having to put up with flooding, it must be awful.

There was respite on Saturday morning so me and Miss Clicky went to see Baloo the horse.  He lives in a field ~ with a blanket on ~ and look how muddy he was.  We had spent quite some time brushing him but the mud was thick.
On the ride ~ I say ride, walk for me ~ we came across a curious ewe and her lamb.
Wild snowdrops are starting to appear in the hedgerows.
Lambs Tails ~ Hazel Catkins,
Old Man's Beard.
It was quite pleasant but not long after we got back home, it started raining again.  *Sigh.*

I took this picture this week at school.  This is the view from the fire escape in my classroom.  The mists are rising off the fields after ............. yep, you got it, a rainstorm.
I've been carrying on knitting my cardi, the main body is finished and I'm on the edging, to be followed by the sleeves.    It's going rather well.

My car turned out to be a lesser problems than the garage thought, not the gearbox but the transmission, not so bad.  

Right, I'll see you soon.
Have fun despite the rain........Clicky Needles.


  1. It's not raining here in Oregon.. but sunny and windy. We're having a family dinner here in a few hours. My Snowdrops are about at what yours are.. just love them!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Good news, except for the rain, Mrs. C.! It has been unusually dry and moderate this winter, so far, but we have some weeks to go :) I especially enjoyed seeing your snowdrops and I think it would be so exciting to find some here...thanks for sharing yours! xx

  3. Sorry about all the rain, thank goodness you are not caught up in all that flooding. Beautiful pictures today. Stay dry!

  4. We're having 40 degree heat here at the moment so I'll send you some sun..... Funnily enough I do miss all that English rain. Hard to understand I know! xxx

  5. We had some torrential downpours and hail storms on Saturday then steady rain more or less all day yesterday, not very good for the Big Garden Birdwatch weekend, we didn't have many visitors on our bird feeders. Cars are money guzzlers, mines just had a new exhaust.

  6. Lovely pictures, but rain again, and signs of spring ...snowdops always good to see.


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