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Monday, 22 September 2014

Happy Bunnies

Hi there.

I haven't told you about The Bunnies.  Miss Clicky decided she wanted two rabbits.  "Ok," I said, "they live in the garage."  "Oh no,"  she said, "they're house rabbits."  This was new to me, I'd never heard of house rabbits before.  Now, if I'm honest I wasn't too happy about this (and I'm still not) but a week or so later, she picked them up, and they live in her bedroom.   They are Netherland Dwarf.  They grey one is called Blue and the brown one Thumper ~ yes, he really does thump the ground with his leg.
This Sunday Mr Clicky took Master C to rugby practice and the dog for a walk on The Common.    The dog is fascinated ~ and would probably like to get his paws on them, he stands quivering at the patio door when they are in their run in the garden ~ so it was a good time for them to go out without him around.
Despite the fact that they are from the same litter Thumper is a lot bigger than Blue.  They had a very happy few hours munching the grass in the autumn sunshine, the dog and Mr Clicky had a good walk on the common, Master Clicky got worn out from rugby training, and I pottered around at home.  Good Sunday.

I am still on my stripy cardi, but it is only 4 ply and I have 330ish stitches on my needles, so a row takes a long time, but I am nearly ready to split for the arms. 

That's me for now.
Hope you have a good week with autumn sunshine...........Clicky Needles.


  1. Those are adorable! I hope they live a long and happy life.. watch the dog! I never see you comment on my blog.. wah! Glad you had a nice Sunday. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I hadn't come across house rabbits until a few years ago either. I'm not sure that they are the sort of pets that I would like to have roaming around indoors, they always seem more outdoors animals to me, but to each his own, and these two are very cute aren't they!! xx

  3. My next door neighbor has a rabbit house. You may not be thrilled with them but they sure are adorable.

  4. Awww.the bunnies are so cute.
    Working with 4ply will keep you busy for
    Cheers, Anita.

  5. I always remember the day I popped into my dear friend's home and found her frantically cleaning up after her house bunnies when they made the great escape from their house in her home and into the family room :) Your daughter's bunnies are adorable...and surely will not be so adventurous as my friend's bunnies! xx


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