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Sunday 14 September 2014


 Hi there!

I was shopping in Stroud with Master Clicky on Saturday and this in a shop window stopped me in my tracks.  Wow! is the only was I can describe it.  A 'jumper' made of thistledown.  
Each individual seed head has been pierced through by a needle and thread and then possibly woven,  I'm not quite sure, into square mesh.  I cannot imagine how difficult this must have been to make.   I had a chat to the shopkeeper ~ much to Master Clicky's disgust ~ he had been having kittens all day because children had been trying to touch it.  
It was stunning.  If you're local, I urge you to have a look, it was just up from the Made in Stroud Shop.
I was in Stroud with Master Clicky getting new rugby kit.  He has signed on for Minchinhampton Rugby this season and played his first game today.  He played for the first half for Minch and, because the other team were low on players, the second half for the opposition.  He has the white 'inside out" shirt on so as not to confuse anyone.   Minch won and the team played together well.
If you are local or know this area you will know that Minchinhampton can be very cold.  It is 700 feet above sea level and extremely exposed.  We have gone for walks on the common in the past and not got out of the car because the wind is so bitter.  I am not looking forward to colder days!   You can expect lots of complaining in the coming months about cold fingers and toes I'm sure!

We have been lucky this week to have the Tour Of Britain pass through the Cotswolds.  It went through the village where my school is, I was super excited.  
Super, super, excited.
Then I realised I was on a Website course at the same time.
       NOT HAPPY.
I left instructions with the teachers and children that went to watch to take photos.
The children had a fabulous time; they cheered everyone that came past, the car drivers before the road was closed, the police outriders who put their sirens on just for them and of course, the cyclists themselves.
Apparently, they really wizzed by in a blur.
I think the Sky rider is Sir Bradley Wiggins, but I could be wrong. 
I contented myself with recording the whole of the stage and watching it back through that evening.  I took some photos off the TV when it was paused, so this picture shows our children on the left, just before the cyclists take a 90 degree right hand bend, which I understand was very hairy to watch.
They carried on through the Cotswolds and past Mr Clicky's work, so he got to watch too.
 On the knitting front I bought some sock yarn from a Danish shop in Cheltenham called Tiger.  It's sort of Ikea-ish but only the size of a normal shop and has all sorts of bright bits and pieces that you didn't know you needed until you see them.  (have a look at their Website you'll see what I mean.)    As this yarn was £1.00 per ball and a lovely vibrant pink I bought 8 thinking I might make another cardigan like the green one I've just finished.
I also got 8 balls of the same colour pink but chunky weight yarn which was again, £1.00 per ball.
I'm not sure what to do with it yet! 
 My Mum and Dad came for a takeaway yesterday and brought some dahlias from their garden.

 I had to split them into separate vases, as the colour clash was too much for me!  Thanks Mum and Dad!
So that's me for now, the late summer sunshine is still with us, let's hope it keeps on going.

See you soon............Clicky Needles


  1. Good on your son but I don't envy the cheering from the sidelines. Great description of Tiger as I always come out with essentials I never knew I was missing in my life.

  2. WOW!!! A thistledown jumper, rugby, racing, bargain yarn and dahlias, Mrs. C. I enjoyed your story of each. Thanks! xx

  3. That jumper is astonishing! Kudos to whoever pieced it together.

    How fun for Master C to play both sides - he could be sure of a win. :)

    Great cycling photos!

  4. How fun to see that jumper, I cannot imagine how brilliant it is. Love that new yarn, you will need lots of warm yarny things to keep you warm watching those matches.

  5. I can see why that jumper stopped you in your tracks - very cool.
    I wish our yarn was such a great price, here in Australia it is too
    expensive....have to buy it though. lol
    Cheers, Anita.

  6. That thistledown must have taken hours to make, isn't it lovely?

    What lovely colours, the yarn and the flowers.


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