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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Behind The Sofa

Hello folks.

Long time no post from me.  I've been to France for a week and been pottering around at home, which has been great, but the holidays seem to be disappearing fast.

As I have time on my hands I've been Behind The Sofa.  Well not so much behind the sofa, as in the basket, under the table next to the sofa.  We've all got that bit of space where we hastily shove our knitting bag when someone pops by, and I'm afraid my half finished projects get shoved there too.  I decided it was time to hoover all the cobwebs and other nasties.  I also took the opportunity to have a look through the bags of half finished knitting.

Firstly we have a Fair Isle mitten.  This was a pattern cobbled together from a glove and a mitten.  Started in 2010.  Frogged.
 A toe up sock.  Not very exciting, I've had the needles out for other, more exciting socks, hence the reason there are only two.  Started October 2010.  Not frogged but not that promising either.
 The Blanket I'm Not Allowed To Make.  This was started 1st January 2013.  It will be on-going.  Mr Clicky was not happy about this, "Do we really need another blanket?"  It'll go in my shed, when he builds it for me ~ that may be a pipe dream.
 Flip Top Gloves.  A mash up of two patterns, with the flip-top bit not working that well. I think I'll take off the flip bit and knit the fingers all the way.  I wasn't even sure what pattern I had used until I looked on good old Ravelry.  Started December 31 2010.
Blender Socks.  Using up all the tiny pieces of sock yarn that I can't bear to throw away.  I still have loads of sock yarn, it must multiply in the bag.  Lots of ends to sew in but I still like the effect.  Have no idea when this was started.  Staying on the needles.
 And now onto the big stuff.
My Fabulous Stripy Cardi.  Started March 2014.  Drops Alpaca and Drops Delight.  Gorgeous combination.  Not off to an easy start, had to frog some and redo.  I got bored of knitting the sleeves in the round.  Will be picking up again.
Leaf Aran Started October 2012.  A lovely aran but the moss stitch on the back gave me aching arms and wrists.  That said, I've finished the back which is the main bit of moss stitch, must pick it up again.
Tamari Started October 2013.  Love the pattern, love the yarn, just not the two together.  Frogged.
And lastly two little tapestries that need stretching/framing/making into a cushion/something doing with them.   Miss Clicky made the heart, I did the cockerel.  They have been in the basket for 5 years plus.
These are old projects of course, this doesn't include my Daybreak Shawl (nearly finished) and a bolero that I started the other week for car knitting whilst driving in France.  You can have a peek at that next time.

So there we are, I do try to only have two things on the go at once, and I shall endeavour to do so in the future.  Is it any tidier in the basket, under the table?  Slightly, but if I'm honest, not really.

See you soon........Clicky Needles.


  1. You have such lovely projects on the go.

  2. Try Russian Joins for the scrappy socks - Google it - it's what I use and is much quicker than sewing in ends :)

  3. Lovely WIPs - your stripey cardi looks gorgeous! x

  4. And I thought I had a lot of projects on the go!!!You certainly made me feel better!My projects are dropped at the end of the sofa out of sight (maybe) of visitors.Barbara

  5. Gosh that is a lot to have in your basket. Good to have a sort out and make some decisions though isn't it. I feel better about the things that I have on the go now! xx

  6. How hard to have to spend time in France!! lol Lucky you. I love all the colours of yarn you have posted, they're just too yummy.
    Cheers, Anita.

  7. What fun to see all your projects and beautiful work, even if you decided to frog some of it! I admire your skill. I had a great time on my recent trip and knit a dishcloth when not driving :) I am going to check your other blog to see what you did in France! xx

  8. Boy, you have some fancy WIPS! I have a wedding blanket on my hook and also my alpaca natural white shawl. Both I wish could be done fast. I put up lake sailing photos from our trip.. I invite you to come and see. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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