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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Holidays (are over)

Hello there.

Mr Clicky and Me have returned from our week in France.  We did lots of work on the house but there is still lots to do!

The school holidays are over, only one more day and I'm back to work.  It was hot in France, into the high 20s but even there that August feel was about.  Cooler mornings and early evenings.  Things on the turn.

My cultivated blackberry has been fruiting well, the berries are going into the freezer for a winter blackberry and apple crumble.
I have been making things over the holiday too.  Mr Clicky and I made this bonkers little table out of a pallet we had.  It took a few hours and we quite enjoyed it.  It sits on the patio next to my steamer chair.   Mr Clicky named it the 'knitting table' straight away.
The knitting you can see on top of it is a bolero made with King Cole Galaxy yarn.
The yarn was gifted to me by my lovely friend Romain and I thought it would be a good car knitting project whilst driving through France.
I've also hooked on a new crochet twine bag.  I was eating Tooty Fruities at the same time 
so it shall be called my Tooty Fruity Bag.  
I came across this on Pinterest from the Quilt While You're Ahead blog ~  I'm spending lots of time on Pinterest at the moment ~ anyhoo the colours of the bag stopped me in my tracks.  I made a special trip to a local garden centre to buy the colours of twine I din't have.  To be fair I have lots of twine in quite a few colours but I didn't have aqua, orange or yellow.  I have made twine bags in the past but with a large hook and double thread.  I love working with twine, I love the smell of it ~ I know, I'm weird ~ it's not as hard on the hands as you might think, and the results are very durable.

Righto I'm off now to catch up on some blog reading, which I've really missed out on.  
See you soon......................Clicky Needles 


  1. I look forward to seeing your tutti frutti bag when done! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. My son-in-law has dragged home some free wooden pallets. I will have to show him what you made with yours...a fine knitting table! I am excited about your twine bag! Awhile ago I bought a huge spool of beige twine with the intent of crocheting baskets with it. So far I have just cut off lengths to tie back our climbing roses, but now you have given me the choice of baskets or bags :) I'm glad you made good progress on the house and I hope you have a happy productive school year with plenty of stitching for fun, too. xx

  3. Your bag is gorgeous!!! I look forward to seeing more! I love your table too, how great is that and just perfect for besides your chair for your knitting and great for outdoors too. What could be better - oh yes, it was free!!! Glad you had a great time! xx

  4. Never thought of crocheting with twine before, great colours. The wonky table gave me a giggle but actually does not look too wonky xxxxx Have a good week Leah

  5. I've been spending more time on Pinterest too - its been eating into my evening knitting time. I really like that Galaxy yarn its got some lovely colourways. I love the colours in your Tooty Fruity Bag too, really vibrant.


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