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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Excited By The Bin

Hello all.

I have been very excited this week. 
 Our new garden waste bin has arrived.  It might not look exciting to you but it is going to change the way I garden.  It will be collected every two weeks from February to November.  EVERY 2 WEEKS!!!!!!!!! 
No more packing the car full of old compost bags of garden trimmings with dubious things leaking out of the bottom.  No more tedious journeys to the tip, sorry, Civic Amenity Site, with half a shrub sticking in my ear and an ant colony followed by a snail trying to make a break for freedom out of the driver's  window.  I can drag it around as I chop and pull weeds with gay abandon and fill it to the brim.  The neighbours will not recognise our garden.  I am one very happy bunny.
I have finished knitting my stripy cardi but it needs buttons and a block so I'll show you that when it's completely finished.  I pulled out my flip-top gloves and decided to take the flip off ~ it squashed my fingers together, undo the ribbing on the finger and just knit them normally.
I finished the first off quickly ~ I rather like the effect that the different colour finger tips have ~ and I'm working my way up second hand.
Not that I need warm gloves at the moment, 3 days of frost has given away again, to rain and greyness.  

Righto I'm off to my 'Body Blitz' class which I will not enjoy so I'll see you again soon.

Bye for now........Clicky Needles.  

P.S. I'm sorry the font has gone weird I wrote part of this post on my iPad and it doesn't want to change.


  1. that is how ours started; 2 we can put it out every week if we want (Glasgow area)

  2. We have two brown bins for garden rubbish and have had the for several years.They are collected every other week but not in Dec,Jan and Feb.We also have a builders merchant cube

  3. Lol I'd be excited too. Having said that my garden is mostly mud now after having a puppy working on it for the past two months... urgh :-S

    I love your gloves

  4. We have one of those bins and its proved to be invaluable, although it does get filled very quickly. I have been known to climb into it and jump up and down on the contents to flatten them so that I can add more!

  5. Yours gets collected in Feb that's good. Mine doesn't start again until March! They are useful x

  6. Our garden waste bins are green and are collected every single week of the year.

    Your gloves look good!

  7. We have a green waste bin similar to yours - except our bin actually is green, not brown! - and it is wonderful, amazing how much you can fit into it and as you say sooooo much better than dragging it to the tip! I can understand your joy! xx

  8. Big excitement about the waste bin! I wish we had that here. Love those gloves, you did a great job with the fix.

  9. You are so clever to be able to knit and re-knit your gloves, and I like the color design, too! Cheers for your new waste bin service, too :) Our temps have been moderate this week but a cold front is supposed to roll in over the weekend and we may get some snowflakes down here in the valley on Monday! xx


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