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Friday, 8 January 2016

Twelve Days of Christmas Swap

Hello there!

I've been a very lucky girl in the Twelve Days of Christmas Swap.   My partner was Maria at Dotty's Daughter.  Let me show you what I got.  Every present made me smile.  I have been well and truly spoilt.

Christmas Pudding Socks
Little Chalk Board.
Stitch holders (from my favourite shop ~ Tiger.)
Purple glitter sticky tape and spotty ribbon.
Lovely soap and nail files.
Reindeer noses and sticky notes.
Jelly Tots (I LOVE Jelly Tots!) and snowmen pegs.
Bead bracelet.
Purple nail varnish.
Crayon buttons.
Snowman Poop and sequin ribbon.
Days of the week pegs.
Thank you so Maria,  I love the gifts you sent. xx

I've really enjoyed this swap, big thanks to Jo at Through the Keyhole for organising it.

See you soon, I might have something finished to show you next time. (!)


  1. What lovely swap goodies xxx

  2. ... a wonderful swap, indeed :) Enjoy! xx

  3. So glad

  4. So lovely, it was a great swap to take part in wasn't it. Happy New Year. xx

  5. Wow, weren't you spoiled! Lots of really fun things. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. What a fun idea. I love all the things you received! Pat :)

  7. What lovely gifts you received, I enjoyed taking part in this swap too x x

  8. You received some lovely gifts. I had to laugh at the snowman poop, ha ha. Glad you had fun taking part.

  9. what lovely gifts.Can I join in next year?

    1. It was organised by Jo above. Keep an eye out!


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