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Friday, 8 July 2016

Nibley Festival

Hi There!

I had the best time at Nibley Festival.  It was my first music festival but at only a forty minute drive from home and 5000 people it seemed a 'safe' option.  Miss Clicky and two of her friends came too.  When we arrived all the prime camping spots had gone and we were on a bit of a slope at the edge of the field.  We did however, have this fabulous view to look at.  

We could see all over South Gloucestershire with the Severn Bridges, Bristol and Wales in the distance.   The only drawback is the the wind comes in from the Bristol Channel and then hits the hill that we were half way up.  It was cold at night!  I wore many layers as I always get cold when camping and was toasty warm in my sleeping bag.

Above us on the top of the hill is the Tyndale Monument.  This was erected in honour of William Tyndale a local man, who translated the New Testament from Latin into English.  In 1535 he was convicted as a heretic and was strangled and burnt for his troubles.
On Friday night we ate hotdogs cooked for us by Nibley School PTA, boogied to several bands and singers

and then the silent disco began.  There are two DJs and two channels to hear through your headphones.   Press the button to switch channels.  It was one of the maddest things I've ever done but so much fun. We danced until the early hours and slept well.
On Saturday we took our chairs and picnic blanket to the festival field and got settled in.  The people who come for the day arrived and it soon filled up.   The girls went off around the stalls selling ponchos, hats, jewellery and lots of food while I sat and knitted.  A lady came up to me gave me a knowing look and said as soon as she sat down she'd be knitting too.  There was a Pimms tent and the beer tent sold local beer and cider to keep us refreshed.
The weather was kind and we had no rain, although it looked like we'd get some at one point.
The bands played from lunch time, through the sunset and into the night.

It looks like we were a long way from the stage but we really weren't. 
I was happy to watch Scouting for Girls from our seats but Miss Clicky and her friend managed to get right to the front.   They were great and Miss Clicky loved it!
Nibley Festival, we will return ~ although maybe with a trolly to carry all the camping gear from the car park to the camp field.


  1. What a great weekend and lovely to do it with family.When you wear what you were knitting you will remember the event.(Hope it wasn't a tea cosy!!!!)

  2. You are a wonderful mother, sounds like a great event.

  3. The wearing headphones part sounded especially like fun :) I'm glad you had a good time! xx


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