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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Happy Christmas

It's nearly Christmas.

I know this because Master Clicky ate microwave popcorn as his first meal of the day.  "It's lunchtime," he said, "anyway it's Christmas so you can eat whatever, whenever."  This apparently IS TRUE.  Maybe I shall try strange things for breakfast.

Getting Christmassy this year has been hard for me for most of December I've been wiped out, not gone to shops, not looked at beautiful wrapping paper and ribbons, not just wandered getting excited.  The decorations went up very late but they are now up.  This is one of my favourite decorations this year.  A cute little sheep with knitted face and soft wool.

My other favourite, named Sheepdeer by Master Clicky.
I have tried a little crafting, clay decorations made with baking soda and cornflour.  This has not worked out as planned.  I spent lots of time on Pinterest looking at other people's creations and how lovely they were.
Mine were not so lovely.  They cracked and curled and I was disappointed.  
Next year I shall buy air drying white clay instead.
We will be having a quiet Christmas Day, Mr Clicky, me and Master Clicky.  Miss Clicky is with her boyfriend.  Boxing day will be a big family gathering at my brother's house.  

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with the people you love.

Happy Christmas.

Clicky Needles x x 

P.S. Don't forget to Track Santa with Norad.


  1. I especially love your sheep, and am sorry your clay creations were disappointing. Years ago I made salt ornaments and had similar problems. I hope your Christmas Day was Merry and that your coming celebration will be wonderful! xx

  2. Hope you had a wonderful knitty Christmas, Clicky :-D

  3. I love both your sheepy/deer decorations. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I'm sorry I haven't emailed about the Twelve Days swap but things have been very stressful around here. Anyway, I love everything I've opened, thank you so much. It's so exciting opening my gift each day.

  4. Hope you are feeling much better by now! I'm a little late for Christmas... so Happy New Year wishes to you!

  5. Love that sheep! Hope you are better now. I used to work as a Primary teacher and always had niggly colds that never seemed to go away.Jo x


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