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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Twelve Days of Christmas Swap

Hello Folks!

Firstly I must say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.  Ours was quiet in places but pretty loud in others.

I took part in the Twelve Days of Christmas swap organised by the lovely Jo at Through the Keyhole.  The first present gets opened on Christmas day and you have a present until Twelfth Night.

Jo is master at swaps, I, less so.  She gave me a wonderful parcel full of lovely things.  The first thing I opened was the book called appropriately enough, Twelve Days of Christmas.  I love reading but I don't do it enough, mainly because when I read I want to finish the whole book there and then.  Nobody gets food, things aren't cleaned, you get the picture.  I started this book the day after Boxing Day and finished it the day after.  What a wonderfully indulgent way to spend Christmas holidays.  (My Mum also bought me a book ~ The Great Christmas Knit Off ~ I am trying to get a free weekend so I can indulge.)  
Also included in the parcel were:- 
Green and Blacks chocolate ~ yum.
Bath bombs.
A writing set.
Magnetic To Do List ~ that's on my fridge already.
Lip Balm.
Nail varnish.
Two balls of Drops recycled cotton ~ lovely and soft.
Clicky row counter and Made With Love heart charms in a notions bag.
Heart broach kit.
Fluffy slipper socks.
Truffle Praline Tea ~ tastes nicer than it sounds!

I've known Jo through blogging for quite a few years now, in fact I used to read her blog before I started myself and she was one of the people who inspired me to give it a go. A MASSIVE thank you Jo, I've loved opening those presents every day and I am feeling very spoilt.

Well, that's Christmas over then, the decorations are taken down and they have been packed away carefully for another year.
I almost enjoy packing away decorations as much as I do putting them up, wrapping delicate things in tissue paper and colour coding them.  Too much?
The new year has started a bit damp and foggy so it's a bit hard to get motivated, I'd like a good frost and a cold snap.  I've got a quiet week ahead, Mr Clicky has gone to Beijing with work, it looks that he'll need to stay inside as the smog is particularly bad.  

That's me for now, I'll see you soon with a few things I've finished and my current project.

Have fun.....................Clicky Needles.


  1. Hello there! Here's wishing you a 2017 filled with happiness and peace! Ros

  2. That's a great idea for a swap, having lots of presents to open on different days. Must try and remember it for next year. Hope 2017 is a good one for everyone chez CN. xx

  3. you got beautiful things..

  4. Happy new year, hope this year is all that you would wish for.
    Just catching up on a few posts and saw that you have been sick and that you work with children. I was a private Nanny for over 12 years and I take 2 vitamin C tablets everyday and it really works. Sometimes I could have all 4 kids and both parents at home sick and I would be fine.
    If you are going to try this make sure you use a good brand, I use Cenovis, not sure if you can get them, the sugarless chewable ones are great.
    The gift swap looks like a lot of fun, I will sugest it to a group I belong to, for this year.

  5. Your swap looks like fun! I enjoy "undecorating, too. It's fun to decorate and make everything so pretty at the beginning of the season...and it's fun to get rid of the extra clutter at the end of the season! All I have left to put away is our outside lights...I left them up to look pretty against the ice and snow we got this weekend, and they will come down when our weather warms up again this week. (southeastern United States)

  6. Jo is so lovely, I am glad you felt a bit spoilt, you deserve it.


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