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Saturday, 14 January 2017


Hello Folks!

I have at last got round to blocking my Stripy Scarf of Happiness.   Why it should take so long to block a scarf I'm not sure, but there we are.  It has made me so happy whilst knitting it.  Made from 2 balls of both Drops Delight and Drops Alpaca I cast on 60 stitches and knitted in the round.  I 'Magic Looped' it instead of using double pointed needles and I am now a complete convert.  I loved Magic Loop and I think I may even try socks with it next.  The amount of pictures show you how much I like it.

I've started a spot of crochet.  Well, more than a spot, I'm making a Circle in A Square blanket for our godson who is getting married in May.  It's a surprise for the bride and groom although his mum knows.   I am consequently crocheting in my lunch time and I carry my bag around so if I get a spare moment I can whip it out a get another circle done.  They will be edged with white, but I'm a long way off that yet! I'm sewing in the ends from time to time, there will be 300 odd circles in the finished blanket ~ not a job to do at the end.
I also came across a temperature blanket somewhere, and the idea grabbed me.  If you don't know you what this is, you crochet/knit  a square or stripe for the temperature of each day of the year.   I'm going for squares but the striped blankets look great too ~ have a google. The idea of recording the year's weather really appeals to me. I'm using the BBC Weather app for the temperature.
 I have chosen 13 colours of yarn ~ for me Marriner Double Knit ~ each one with a range of degrees.  It will all be recorded in a notebook and just because I can, I've got out my Sharpie pens and will use them to have a nice time colouring dots too.  I've added two more colours, blue for rain and white for snow, which will appear in the centre.  I've decided not to include sunshine as the colours for summery days are quite bright anyway.   You'll see I've optimistically gone all the way up to 32 degrees plus, I'm not sure there will be much of that in the U.K. but we can always hope.  I think I shall use the temperature wherever I am so if I'm away on never know.
The squares I'm using are simple 3 round granny squares, and I'm intending to sew the ends in and sew them together every day/time I make them.  Even after 3 days I am becoming temperature obsessed.  Today's square will be another turquoise and it looks like 8 degrees ~ green ~ tomorrow.  Sometimes I worry about myself.
That's me for now, have a wonderful week.
Have fun.................................Clicky Needles.


  1. Your scarf is gorgeous and so is that lovely present. If I made a temperature blanket it would be so boring as it is hot here most of the time. Have fun.

  2. I wish Meredith...........................

  3. The temperature blanket sounds exciting and you have done a marvellous job of your scarf.

  4. I love your scarf - it's gorgeous, and I'm a big fan of the magic loop. Good luck with blanket, it's a great idea. Hope you get to use the 32 degrees colour!!

  5. Your scarf is beautiful!!! I love it! Enjoy your blanket making, it will be really interesting to see how the temperatures worked out at the end of the year!

  6. Your scarf is so beautiful! I love the subtle shift of colors amidst the stripes.

    The weather blanket idea intrigues me, too -- I have wanted to make one but haven't taken the plunge yet. I should have started it this year since our temps have already been so interesting...frigid single digits (F) last weekend and 70°F this weekend!! I can't wait to watch yours grow.

  7. I love your scarf and can imagine it being so warm and snuggly; and your blanket projects are grand fun. I would especially like to do a weather blanket just sounds so interesting to see how the colors will fall. Happy stitching! xx

  8. Great scarf, with lovely subtle striping - I bet it'll be very cosy. I love your attention to detail with colour-coding the yarn with the Sharpies - that's my idea of organisation *thumbs up*

  9. Lovely scarf with gorgeous colours. I've never heard of a temperature/weather blanket before. The whole idea is very interesting. Looking forward to seeing how yours come together.

  10. I love the scarf and now want to make one like yours. I've been reading about helix knitting recently, so might give that a go with some leftover sock/fingering yarn.

  11. Your scarf is gorgeous, hope you bring it to Butterfly Knitters. jennyca

    The scarf is gorgeous, hope you will bring it to Butterfly Knitters to show.


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