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Monday, 30 October 2017

Half Term Doings

Hello there.

Half term was quiet for me, a couple of lovely friends came over, I went to see my mum and dad, took the dog for walks and generally pottered around.   

I brought two old pop-up tents home from school, which were no longer too keen on popping-up and were destined for the bin.  A shame to put fabric to waste, I decided to make it into bunting which can be used at school.
 I unpicked the edging strip which turned out to be perfect blind tape
and then started to cut out triangles with my scissors.  I quickly realised it would be quicker and much more fun to cut with my rotary cutter.
I then stitched the triangles into the edging strip and hey presto!  I put it up in our new room and I think it goes rather well with our orange blinds.

A few of the days in half term have been damp, grey and a bit miserable so I made my first hot chocolate of the season.  Yum!
 With the clocks going back I decided not to stay in bed an extra hour but get up and use it.  I did the summer/winter wardrobe swap, pulled everything out of my very untidy wardrobe and colour coded it.  What do we learn from this exercise?  That I like grey and pink cardigans!  It is looking rather neat in this picture, it will not stay like that but at least once a year it is tidy.
On the knitting front I am making another stripy cardigan from Drops Delight and Drops Alpaca.  It is a Drops Pattern, I am not putting the lace bit in.  It's bottom up in once piece and as it's 4ply the rows are long but no sewing up.
And here's a close up because who doesn't like wooly loveliness? 

That's me for now I think, have a super week.
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  1. You are so clever, Mrs. C! A brilliant use of the worn tents, great recycling. I am still catching up with you, and was excited to see you got to explore Chicago a bit. And I am so happy you got to set up your craft room. I love how it looks and I'm a big fan of IKEA products. I admire your knitting, as well! xx

  2. What a great idea for making long lasting buntings! Very colorful. Your sweater looks great.. so you alternate grey with colorful yarn that changes color?

    *H*A*P*P*Y* *H*A*L*L*O*W*E*E*N*!*

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I've just added that pattern to my favourites on Ravelry. Ages ago, during a Wool Warehouse Drops sale I bought enough alpaca silk and Drops Delight to make a striped cardigan, but hadn't found a pattern, so this should be a good match (I like the Mon Petit Gilet pattern, but think it only comes in one size which is too small for me).

    1. I have mon petit gilet but found sizing it up a bit of a pain, hence the reason i’m using the drops one this time.

  4. Good idea making pop up playhouses into bunting to brighten up your classroom. It is always good not to put something in the landfill that can be reused as something else. Love your cardigan so far!

  5. Your bunting is brilliant, great use of fabric. I am in love with grey, and if you look in my closet there is a lot of white, grey and plum.

  6. The bunting looks great, what a good way to reuse the pop up tents. I like the cardigan, the colours are lovely and I'm a big fan of stripes. Best of all, knit in one piece means that there's no sewing up to do.


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