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Sunday, 8 October 2017

My New Craft Room

Hello Folks!

The very exciting news that I need to share with you is that over the last few weeks I have been working on making my new craft room just right.  The craft room has been created from what used to be the dining room, which we had knocked through to make a kitchen diner, eight years or so ago.  Our new extension gave us the space we wanted, so the wall that had been removed, was re-instated.  

The starting point was this rather fab-u-lous wallpaper that I found.  It is slightly raised on the knit section of the rib so it looks and feels really realistic.  Mr Clicky and I put it up, the first time I had hung wallpaper, and I have to say I'm rather pleased with it.
We papered the two long opposite walls and the two smaller short walls I have painted white. 

On one side of the room I have a tall unit with a door that was our pantry unit in the old kitchen, an even older Ikea cube storage unit, a new Ikea Kallax cube storage unit, which just leaves enough room for Maisie (the Mannequin) in the corner.

The coloured fabric boxes are all from B&Q ~ Ikea ones are quite muted tones at the moment ~ and the low unit means I can sit on it and knit/craft/contemplate if I need to, and also have an area to display things for bright pops of colour.  You'll see that Albert the Alpaca has also taken up residence here. He was a present given to me by Miss Clicky in the summer.  She told me he was 'not to go outside' but I told her not to worry I knew just where he would go.
On the opposite side of the room I have my workspace.  A lovely new Ikea desk top with a five drawer Alex unit which is brilliant for storing patterns in.  My sewing machine is living underneath so I can pull it out easily when I need it.
I really want to put shelves on the wall above but I can't bring myself to drill through my lovely  wallpaper, so for now I'll wait. The orange chair is also from (you guessed it) Ikea; one of our new dining set.

I am really happy with what I have so far, but the eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted I have no window dressing yet.  I am in the throws of making a roman blind in a fabby fabric called Great Spot from Prestigious Textiles in Olive Oil colourway.  I'm loving the colours, the blind will really liven things up.

I'm so so happy with my room and I know that I am incredibly lucky to be able to create it.  Mr Clicky is also happy because he says I have stopped leaving projects all over the house.  As I walk past the door I pop my head in, my heart does a little skippy beat and I smile.  Result.

That's all from me for now.
Have a super week........Clicky Needles.


  1. Bravo on creating a wonderful creative space for you. It's wonderful and you'll so enjoy it!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I love that.What a brilliant room.Now all you need is to give up work and craft all day long.If only........

  3. Fantastic. The wallpaper is brilliant, what a find. I'm sure this space will get the creative juices flowing.

  4. wow what a wonderful space. That wallpaper is absolutely perfect, looks like it was designed with a craft room in mind! Loving your colourful storage too <3

  5. Best. Wallpaper. Ever. :D

    Such a bright happy room. Lucky you!

  6. Ooh, a craft room. Lucky you; it looks great :)

  7. Wow! such an amazing craft room! I love the wallpaper! the room is full of fun pops of color and very inspiring to look at. I am sure you will create all kinds of wonderful things in there. :)

  8. What a fantastic little space. The wallpaper is amazing isn't it? Looking forward to seeing more great stuff pouring out of there.Jo x


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