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Sunday, 14 January 2018

A Sorting Day

Hello folks!

I've been sorting today.  When our new kitchen extension was finished back in October I didn't have the energy or inclination to properly sort out the kitchen drawers.  I just chucked ~ quite literally ~ all the contents of the old drawers in and shut them.  Now I'm not talking about the cutlery and utensils that was sorted at the time, but more the pens and things that you accumulate.  A lot of the things have gone in the bin; I found 5 keys to tighten up rugby studs, spare studs, two packets of 50 balloons ~ 100 balloons what was I thinking?, 3 pairs of 3d glasses from the cinema ~ I hate 3d cinema gives me a headache, 5 lanyards, a paint colour chart, thousands of elastic bands, more pens than I know what to do with, 10 Ikea pencils, loads of Ikea Allen Keys, rawl plugs, screws............I could go on.  Anyhoo the drawers are now a lot lighter and more streamlined.

I've also had the laminator from school apart and removed a laminating pouch that got stuck.
I've filled my car up with oil, done several loads of washing, donated some items on my local Freecycle, walked the dog and fed the wild birds.

Do you remember Miss Clicky's boyfriend was in Shetland and I said he wasn't allowed to by any wool for me?  Turns out he did.  One of my Christmas
Presents was a Jamieson's bag and a ball of yarn.  
On the reverse is a key to wooly dialect, makkin apparently, is knitting.  I was very touched.
My temperature blanket is nearly ready for the border, just have to sew in those ends.  I know some people hate this stage this stage but I quite enjoy it. So if you need me that's where you'll find me this evening, on the sofa sewing in ends.

As always have a lovely week, and if you're in the U.K. make sure those hatches are battened down, there's some weather on the way.

Bye for now.............Clicky Needles.


  1. I wish I was industrious as you! I'm crocheting on my Woodland blanket of Lucy's CAL and watching HGTV (Home and Garden TV). I have drawers like that in my antique china cabinet. But oh well.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. In our kitchen we have "the really useful drawer" which is full of all sorts of things like you named.The thought of sorting it fills me with dread!!I love your blanket and it is really cosy working on them at this time of year.Dare I start another blanket?Before Xmas I gave three to a local charity supporting refugees and homeless people.

  3. When I find a number of pens or pencils, I either take them into work (pens disappear fast in a hospital) or drop them off at the local school.

    Wool looks wonderful.

  4. I'm very impressed! What a productive day.

  5. Well done on the blanket and of course how lovely is that present. He must like you a lot!

  6. Haha we all have those junk drawers where things just accumulate! Good thing you got yours under control. I am inspired to declutter now myself. That is so nice of your daughter's boyfriend to get you some yarny gifts! Love your temperature blanket it is looking great.

  7. I have a similar problem with pens and pencils. Seems I have enough to furnish a school!
    But they all work and I can't seem to throw them out!!


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