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Sunday, 21 January 2018


Hello folks. 

I've changed my light box to...... 
When you have a large crochet blanket on the go it is all consuming.  I got a huge urge last evening to KNIT something, anything.  I decided to pull out my stripy cardigan, a few hours of mindless stocking stitch being just what I needed.  Unfortunately as I had shoved  tidied it away in October I must have snapped the needle.  No knitting of this then.
Still desperate to knit I found a sock.  These were the stranded ones I was doing when we went to Chicago in July.  I wanted to master continental knitting, and, sat by myself in a hotel room while Mr Clicky was at work, I did!  I'm just progressing through the heel.  My restlessness was quelled.
Now, I am, probably like most crafters, unable to sit and not do anything with my hands.  I took the crochet squares of the temperature blanket to school to sew in the ends in during my lunch hour.  Now that they are all done my colleagues said they were "a bit worried you're not doing anything."  As the wedding blanket is for one of said colleagues and a surprise I can't take that in to work on so I decided to carry on making the pom-poms the ends are making.  How to transport a load of short bits of yarn, without ending up in mess?  Put them in little pots.  I had a happy ~ I know, sad ~ half hour separating all of those little bits.
I can make two or three pom-poms whilst eating lunch.  The bag gets fuller.

Lastly, I need to ask some advice.  I currently blog using our family Mac but I would really like to use my iPad as well.  I wonder if anyone could offer some help about which app to use.  The blogger app is no longer supported and I didn't really get on with that anyway.  If you blog from your iPad how do you do it?  I'm really interested to know.  I don't mind spending money on an app if it will work.  Thanks in advance!

Well, that's me for now.  Have a super week.............
Clicky Needles.


  1. I'd love to see more of those socks you're knitting, they look wonderful. I haven't really tried to blog on my iPad as I have it so "figured out" on my MacBook Pro. Good luck on that! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I blog on an IPad using Wordpress. It’s free and although it took some time to set up and get familiar with, it’s now easier and slightly better than Blogger which I used previously. The best advice I can give I to choose a layout that suits all your needs and then you’ll be half way there!


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