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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Tea Cosies

Hello folks.

It's been half term in these parts and I was persuaded by my colleagues to host afternoon tea, so we could get together and have a good gossip, which we don't seem to do properly at school.  I found some cups and plates in the charity shops in Stroud and in the same charity shop, a pack of tea towels with a couple of prints I really liked.  They were destined to be tea cosies.

I found this tutorial through Pinterest (where else?)  I used a really thick (2cm) wadding unlike the pattern ~ is is a tea cosy after all.  I had a bit of a fight with my machine where the wadding was so thick,  I ended trimming it off at the edges.  They won't win any prizes, a bit wonky in places, but on the whole I'm pleased.
I used a red tea towel out of the pack for one lining
 and a more muted brown tea towel to match the taupe pattern. 
 Here they are on the table.

We had a lovely time catching up with our family lives, something we don't tend to do at work.

I've also caught up with my London cousin and Mum and Dad who came for the day, and our builder has been back to finish off some bits and pieces to the build.  

It's been a bit nippy round here over the last week  or so, this was taken at 7.00am on Minchinhampton Common this week after I'd dropped Master Clicky at work.  That's snow!
I've also had a bit of a potter and clearing in the 'garden'.  It's still a bit of a building site but we're getting there.  I got the steps out and took a photo into the nesting box to check what was inside ~ there were definitely bees in it last summer.  Thankfully no honeycomb and I'm hoping that the blue tits return this summer, they didn't bother last year, I think they were disturbed by the building work.
Lastly my current project.  It's grey, it's Aran and it's growing.  A mindless piece of stocking stitch that's moving quickly.  I will tell you no more because I think it might be finished next time.
Well, that's me for now, have a super week......................Clicky Needles.


  1. Your tea party looks lovely. A very good idea to get your teacher friends together in a comfortable home setting. Makes me want to have a tea party. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Those tea cozies you made turned out wonderfully and they look like such a good way to protect the tea cups. Your knitting project looks great so far, looking forward to seeing what it becomes!


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