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Sunday, 4 February 2018


Hello there.

I have been making things recently.

I have made a wreath to hang on the craft room door out of large pom-poms.  The wool for this is Rowan Big Wool Fusion, which was discontinued quite a few years ago.  It was very cheap and I bought some pink and blue.  The base was a Christmas wreath from the supermarket made of straw which I took the foliage off.   I made lots of pom-poms ~ I'm a bit obsessed at the moment ~ and glued them on the base.  I was planning to make this for Christmas, but better late than never.

Here it is on the door, when it's open I can admire it and when the door's shut I hope it conveys
 something about what lies within.

I've also had my crochet hook out and made lots of little hearts out of the many shades of Mariner double knit that I have.  I got my glue gun out again and had some fun.

My tiny heart bunting is now in pride of place in the craft room.

Whilst I was having a mooch around a local little town on Friday I came across some wrapping paper.  It really caught my eye, I love the bright colours so I snapped it up straight away.
 I've used to to replace this Wassily Kandinsky Concentric Circles print that has hung in our bedroom since we moved into this house ~ 18 years ago ~ and has faded so much over all that time.
I used the old print turned over and glued with a Pritt Stick, primary school style (around the outside and a cross through the middle) onto the wrapping paper.  I have to say I am very pleased with myself, although I did have a bit of a moment when I couldn't work out why the picture wasn't in the centre of the bed head where it is hung.  After puzzling for a while I realised that the bed had probably been moved.  Duh!

I quite often use wrapping paper or tissue paper for artwork.  This spotty tissue paper is in our kitchen

 and this Christmas Tree tissue paper is in the hall.  I love it so much it stays up all year.

Lastly I have finished sewing in the ends from the temperature blanket, I job I quite enjoy ~ I am aware some people think this weird ~ and I have lots more ends, soon to become another pom-pom.

Well that's me for now, as always have a lovely week.....Clicky Needles.


  1. I really love your big fluffy wreath.. and how you see it outside the studio and then inside when working. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Love your wreath, of course!, but I really love the wrapping paper/picture idea. That is very clever!!! Looks great too.


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