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Sunday, 1 July 2018

Cement and Crochet

Hello there.

The last few weeks have been hectic and school has got into the manic stage.  We've had trips galore, practises for the school production ~ The Lion King, stepped it up this year, ~ sports day is next week.  The heat is not helping.

Master Clicky and I have been working on the garden.  We have been hard landscaping.  It's called that because it's been hard, nothing to do with the materials.  Most recently we've been mixing cement, well, I say we, Master Clicky has been doing that.  He grumbled that we had no cement mixer but when you're 19 it is easy!

I've laid out the wedding present blanket square on the bed to see how many more I need to do, five as it turns out.  I have three and a bit weeks to get this finished.  The wedding is in August but I will be away visiting Mr Clicky in Chicago so I need to get it done by the end of term.  Master Clicky took me out to Sunday lunch at a local pub today and was happy for me sit sewing in ends while we nattered, so that's some pesky sewing-in done.
On Friday I took Miss Clicky and her man to Heathrow as they are also visiting Mr Clicky and then going onto New York.  I was not too impressed with getting up at 2.30am to get them to the airport on time, but it was easy driving both ways.  Luckily I wasn't needed in work so I went back to bed when I got home.

Miss Clicky's rabbit ~ Thumper ~ has come to stay while they are away, he has settled in nicely.  He is doing lots of lying around in the sun although he needs to moult the rest of his winter coat!
Well that's me for now, have a great week...
Clicky Needles.


  1. You are on the home stretch of the lovely wedding blanket! Yay! I hope you and Thumper have a happy visit :-) xx

  2. I am confident that you'll get your blanket finished.. what a huge job.. you must really love the couple to be married. I would like to see what you and MC made with your cement! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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