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Sunday, 3 February 2019

Snow Clearing

Hello there!

Today Master Clicky and me have been clearing snow so he can get out of our driveway and road safely to get to work tomorrow.   My car is a 4 x 4 so no problems there but for his little Kia is a bit trickier.  When we started it looked like this.

We were met with indignant shouts from next door's 5 year old. "MUUUUUMMMMMMM they're getting rid of the snow."  He stood at the window giving us daggers ~ if looks could kill.

The sun was out and we soon peeled off the layers we were wearing, I ended up in just a t-shirt.
2 1/2 hours later.....

That's better.
When we came in we had hot chocolate and a bit of rest and I decided to get my swift and yarn winder out to wind up these skeins.  I had been given a voucher a couple of birthdays ago by my lovely knitting pal Romain for Midwinter Yarns.  I hadn't used it because I couldn't decide what to get and it had been sitting on my desk accusingly.  So, I ordered 6 skeins of Ullcentrum 3ply yarn which is a worsted weight.
What am I going to make with it?  Not sure, but at least now it is caked up I can do a tension square to give me some ideas.
I've also had this Manos Silk Blend sitting around in skeins so I caked those up too.

Is it just me, or does striped yarn never look as good in a cake as it does in a skein?
I have found a left over bottle of mulled wine from Christmas, so I will be partaking of some soon, which hopefully will help ease my aching shoulders from the snow clearing, I'm aching in places I had forgotten about.

So that's me for today,  hopefully Master Clicky will drive out with no problems, otherwise it'll be "Muuummmm can you take me to work today?" Keep smiling, right?

Bye for now..........Clicky Needles.

P.S.  Mr Clicky reports that's it's has got a bit warmer in Chicagoland, thanks for asking.  He is back home on Saturday for a week, so that'll be great.


  1. I was wondering how he was coping in Chicago.I thought you were going to join him there?

  2. That yarn is so gorgeous, good luck finding a wonderful project for it.

  3. I agree about cakes and skeins. I love your green worsted. I see a sweater?

  4. Your funny shoveling that snow.. here in Oregon we just drive over that much. Much easier on your body! I also agree that striped yarn looks much more attractive in skeins. I'm a hand-winder of balls.. I love the look of them hand-done. I'm happy for you that hubby is coming home for a week! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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