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Friday, 20 September 2019

Our Little Balcony

Hello Folks!

Our third floor apartment has a small balcony which is only 8 foot by 5 foot.  I spend lots of time sitting out, knitting, reading and sewing so we thought it could do with brightening up.  We did a bit of a makeover last summer when I was here, however, when I came back to the UK last winter's polar vortex unsurprisingly, had a devastating effect on the plants.

I've already mentioned the rag rugs we bought from Walmart to stop me showering sewing things on the apartment below, they also mean that I can't see down which is a Good Thing.  I am not very good with looking through piers or boardwalks and seeing water/things underneath.  The rugs give me peace of mind.  We have added some solar fairy lights across the railings too.

We bought two large pots and planted them with ~ as it turns out ~ the same variety of pennisetum that we bought last year.

Last year's pot ~ as well as the pennisetum we also had a hibiscus and a thyme.

We saved some seed pods from the hibiscus, planted them and two plants grew which are covered in (15 and counting) fat flower pods.  I'm hoping they will come out before the weather gets too cold; I will be taking it indoors if necessary. 

Mr Clicky spotted some cacti whilst we were in Walmart the other day so I planted them ~ carefully ~ in a wooden box.
We still need to find some gravel to topdress it.

We've had visitors to our little bit of outside space as well.  A pair of swallows nested on our sprinkler nozzle (don't tell the leasing company) back in April.

Three chicks fledged and although they were adult sized regularly came back to the nest and the ledge next to us.  It was a real treat watching their aerial display so close up.  We've not seen them for a couple of weeks now, so I think they have gone on their way.

 My little bee embroidery continues on.  It really is little, only 5 inches across.
The flowers took quite a long time and I got a bit Meh! about it but I am so enjoying it again.  My bee's wings are getting an outline now and then it will be filling in the body and wings.

Well that's me for now, despite me thinking pool days were over, I've got some in this week and today is looking nice too so I'm off.

Have a good weekend.............Clicky Needles.


  1. I think you've feathered your outdoors nest very nicely. I think your embroidery project is going to be beautiful.. you could make a pin cushion of it if it suits you.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Sounds like you are enjoying Chicago. Good idea with the rugs so no needles pop through to the balcony beneath you.


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