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Sunday, 15 December 2019


Hello there.  

I have been making an effort to get bits and bobs finished.  You know how it is, that last little bit of finishing never gets done.

These houses were free with a Christmas magazine last year?  maybe the year before.  I stitched the cross stitch straight away but hadn't got round to the final joining and stuffing.

As always with a kit on a magazine, the supplies were at a bare minimum and there wasn't enough felt to back all three houses, so I found some in my stash.  

Finishing No 2.  A pair of Joes Toes slippers for Baby Needles.  I bought the felt bottoms Wonderwool this year.  Knitting the uppers was a very quick job in a chunky yarn I found in my stash.

They have been sitting around on the side for several months waiting for me to sew them up.  The soles have holes punched in to enable you to join.

All finished now.

Arm warmers.  I started these about a year ago, finished one arm and hadn't bothered to make the other.  These (should've) been a really quick make in Aran wool but........

Will I wear these?  When I am a bit chilly and having a Highlander moment, maybe.

A cardi for Baby Needles.  This should've been another quick project using up some double knit, it's not large.  It sat around for a long time as I procrastinated and didn't move anywhere, mainly I think, because I was running out of yarn and knitting both sleeves at the same time so as not to end up with one sleeve longer than the other.

Anyhoo, I found some mismatched buttons yesterday and sewed them on.

My last thing to show you today is my advent tea light calendar.  I like an advent candle but more often than not, it burns down several days at a time because I forget to blow it out.  Advent tea lights therefore are an excellent solution.  They seem to be disappearing a bit too fast for my liking though.  

Master Clicky and me picked up our Christmas Tree on Saturday but it is in a bucket of water outside still and I still have presents buy/wrap/make.  Mr Clicky comes home on the 21st and I'm not sure whether he will be a help or hinderance.

See you soon.................Clicky Needles.

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  1. Those little slippers are so adorable. Love all your projects. Happy Holidays!


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