Scavenger Hunt

Friday, 26 June 2020

June Scavenger Hunt

Hello there.  

Here are June's Scavenger Hunt pictures.  

My Garden

Part of my garden that used to a wood/pallet dumping ground.  If you walk down there now you are rewarded by an orange blossom by the woodshed.


Verbena Bonariensis, coming out this week.


A bumble bee on my cirsium.


The sun hadn't quite risen when I took this early one morning, but it was on it's way.

Something Wild

My hair.  Roll on 10th July when I have a cut booked.

My Own Choice.

An impromptu acrobatic display from a local pilot above our house.  It brightened our day. 

I can't believe June is drawing to a close.

Check out other's pictures here.


  1. I love the Verbena, such dainty flowers and a lovely colour, and the bumble bee looks cute :)

  2. Hello Mrs C.N. so glad you joined in with the photo hunt :D Love your 'wild' photo, and as soon as you mentioned the scent of orange blossom - I could 'smell' them instantly!

  3. Ooh, a new hunter. Love your choices & always like seeing bumblebee photos as we don't get them over here. Our lemon tree smells lovely too when in flower. My hair is getting long again, but mine is dead straight & fine(oh & grey), so it needs a good trim too. The aerobatic display so close must have been awesome. Take care & stay safe.

  4. Love the choice of your hair for the wild pic. I feel exactly the same about mine at the moment - but your hair looks lovely!

  5. Ooh another knitter ... :) Love your wild hair - it looks fab by the way and gorgeous garden photos:) And the aerial display must've been a real treat

  6. Lovely photos, I love the greens, whites and silvers in your garden:)

  7. Ooh, I do like your garden photo; so much better than a pile of pallets. My Verbena Bonariensis is not flowering yet but yours looks great. I am blessed with long, straight hair which I can trim myself every now and then!

  8. Excellent photos, I very much like your bee!

  9. Very fun pictures, and I might add I love your hair. Stay safe.

  10. Popping over from the June scavenger hunt to see what's happening here ;) It's lovely to see so many summery flowers since its the dead of winter here! I do like your hair!

  11. Great photos, I love the bee and the sunrise is beautiful. Your wild pic is perfect!


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