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Friday, 9 April 2021

Making, mending and hunting.

 I've been a bit awol of late.

I've been busy in the garden and indoors too.  The weeks seem to meld into one, don't they?

The first thing I have to show you is a rather tired chest of drawers that have had a makeover.  We bought this when Miss Clicky was born 25 years ago as a changing table, it's solid, albeit rather orange.  The front was covered in stickers, which she had added over the years and I spent some time scraping them off.

I painted it in Good Homes furniture paint in a matt grey called Sedona.  I found the ceramic knobs on ebay.

Miss Clicky and Baby Needles came up on Easter Sunday and we had an egg hunt in the garden.   The weather was lovely and we got even got sunburnt.

Eggs were found and some were consumed too.

The cherry tree was alive with the buzzing of bees.

Fast forward to the following day when the promised snow arrived and froze to the roof.

I made a blanket for the dolly that Baby Needles plays with when she visits, he also belonged to Miss Clicky.  It is a miniature of Baby Needles' car blanket.

I've also had to work on Baby Needles' Mousey.  Poor Mousey lost his arm.
But it was sewed back on in a jiffy.

Mousey looking happier again.

Right, that's me for now, have a good weekend.

Clicky Needles.


  1. I have mended so many stuffed animals over the years. I'm sure that won't be your last. Sweet little matching blanket for BN. Sounds like a fun Easter was had with her. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Oh that sweet mouse looks so loved. Glad you were able to make it feel all better.

  3. That is a great makeover! That choice of colour makes all the difference and the ceramic knobs are a perfect match. Oh! poor Mousey he does looks as if he has been in the wars but good job Grandma came to the rescue :-) Keep well Amanda x


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