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Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Autumn Leaves


Hello folks.

Autumn is carrying on marching forward, the leaves from our cherry tree have covered the lawn.  Of course, as lovely as this looks it doesn't do the lawn any good, so this afternoon I have gone over it with the lawn mower and they are cleared.

I completed the three small hoops from this autumn's Craftpod, these really are tiny about 2cm across.  

They have joined the other hoops in the hallway. 

Miss Clicky and Baby Needles came to visit the other day; Miss Clicky asked if I could help her make a Halloween bag for their local Halloween trail for Baby Needles instead of using anything plastic.  She got some Halloween fabric, one with black cats and one with bats.  We made a small reversible boxed bottom bag, with a piece of each fabric on each side.  Miss Clicky did the sewing, I made her use my Singer 99 hand crank for the job.

I love that this bag will be used for many years to come.

It may be getting chillier but I still picked these Dahlias today.

Well, that's me for now, I have a day looking after Baby Needles tomorrow, so that'll keep me on my toes.  Bye for now.................Clicky Needles.   


  1. I love the Halloween bag … it’s just the job. We don’t have any dahlias but they are still going a storm in my friends garden. Our grass is also covered in leaves … I’m not a fan of grass cutting though so I’m really hoping our ‘grass man’ turns up for at least one more cut for the season 😃

  2. Leaves do look great but are a nuisance. Love the bag and you got Miss Clicky sewing.


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