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Sunday, 12 December 2021

December Trots On By

Wow, the second week of December already that's gone quickly.

I'd like to say that my decorations are up and all my presents are sorted but that's not true.

At the moment we are installing a new utility room, we bought the new units in August and have just decided to put them in.  Consequently we are surrounded by mess and dust. 


We've removed the tiles and replaced with new plasterboard. 

Mostly though we have made a mess.

Let's hope this gets finished soon, but if it's not, well so what?  I'm not getting bothered about it.  We'll tidy away as much as we can, whack a tree up somewhere and still have fun.  I will have the best Christmas this year because Mr Clicky will be with me, not stuck in Chicago 4000 miles away.

I have finished a few other projects and I've been making Christmas presents, so I can't show you those yet.

The car seat blanket for the new baby whom I shall call Tiny Needles is finished. A simple crochet ripple.

I've also made a leftover sock yarn hat for Tiny Needles.

I sat down last night and caught up with my Happy Stitch Project run by Clare Albans at HelloHoorayBlog.  Only two weeks left.

That's me for now, I'll see you soon.

Clicky Needles.




  1. Loving your happy stitch project. You inspired me to have a go at this and I have made a start but have done it a little differently. I hope to share my progress soon 😃

  2. Well done with your refurbishments, one year we completely redid the kitchen starting 2nd week in December.

    Love that stitch project, must go and have a look.


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