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Friday, 7 January 2022

Happy New Year

 Hello and a Happy New Year to you.

Our Christmas and New Year was rather quiet, catching up with presents when Master Clicky was covid free.

I can now show you some of the Christmas knitting I completed.  I was knitting a hat for Tiny Needles, who at the time of writing, still hasn't put in an appearance.  It is in Drops Nepal with various colours that I had in the stash.  As I was enjoying making the little hat, I thought it might be fun to make hats for all of Miss Clicky's family.  

I also made Mr S-I-L a pair of socks, his first from me.
These were made from Regia Design Line, designed by Kaffe Fassett.  I have had this yarn for ages so it was good to use it up.  I did the toes, socks and heels in a contrasting mustard colour.  As I hadn't bothered counting my stitches properly, I made 3 socks, the first being 4 stitches too small.  

I got out a sewing machine and made some pretty little Christmas Tree decorations.  The fabric for these came from some old curtains, I used ribbons from my stash ~ the little hanging ribbons were those annoying ribbons you get in clothing ~ and they were stuffed with dried lavender from our allotment.

Also from some old curtains I made some Morsbags
using my Singer 201 for the 'straight' stitching 

and took my newly acquired second-hand overlocker from my lovely knitting friend Romain, for a run on the seams instead of the french seams suggested in the pattern.  It didn't turn out to be as scary as I first thought and I was quite pleased at the outcome.


As 2021 has drawn to a close, so has my Happy Stitch Project, from Clare at HelloHoorayBlog.

This has been a brilliant project and I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of it.  I will be stitching something else in 2022 but more of that next time.

We don't go overboard with Christmas presents but I have two brilliant ones the show you.

A Lego wreath given to me by Master Clicky.  I have only just made this, (thanks to Mr S-I-Ls socks) but what fun.  It can either be a wreath or a table centre piece and apparently, you get light sets for it too.

The another cracking present (given to Mr Clicky) by my Mum and Dad is a Homi Trowel for us to use on our allotment.  I can be used to weed, hoe, dig, make drills.......  We've not used it yet, so I will report back later.

We had Christmas Day potatoes from our allotment, these were planted in September and were lovely.

That's me for now, right now I'm attempting to tidy up my craft room, but of course, I keep finding exciting things instead.

See you soon............Clicky Needles.


  1. You have been busy. I absolutely live your Happy Stitch project. I haven’t done much on mine as yet and seeing yours is making me think I wish I’d done mine differently … time will tell. I have to say that I always keep those little ribbons too … they come in handy for all sorts of projects. 😃

  2. What a lovely post. Happy New Year!

  3. Gorgeous sock yarn. As crochet is my thing one day I will sit down and crochet some socks. It is something I have never made and I do have a couple of patterns but have never tried them out! Waiting for the right moment I suppose. My daughter is teaching herself how to use a sewing machine so I have sent her the link to the Morsbag page. It looks quite easy. Thanks for sharing :-). Happy New Year and let's hope it will be a better one for all Amanda x

  4. Oh, those potatoes look wonderful! Fresh potatoes taste so good.

    What fun knitting and embroidery projects, and brilliant gifts.

    I hope Tiny Needles has arrived safely.


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