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Thursday, 27 January 2022

An Arrival

 Hello folks.

The wonderful news from here is that Tiny Needles has arrived.  She was a healthy 9lbs 14oz, the same as her sister.  She was a water birth at home, an experience that Miss Clicky and Mr S-I-L really enjoyed.

Miss Clicky was 10 days overdue, so I suggested that Baby Needles came to stay with us until something happened.  We had a lovely day, I used Baby Needles as child labour and got her planting Sweet Peas.

With the planting over we went for a long walk in the winter sunshine and pretended that we were really tall.

A sleepover, and the next morning we got the happy news.

I realised that I haven't shown you the fairy set I made for Baby Needles for Christmas.

A sparkly crown.

And a tutu and wand.

I have 2 new projects on the go.

Following on from my 52 weeks of stitches, I have embarked on a stitch a day hoop, embroidering a picture or word for every day of the year.  This is a big undertaking for me, not least because finding something to stitch for every day is tricky.

My other project is a new cardigan.  This is a Drops Pattern called Mandal Jacket, I'm using British Naturals yarn from Woolyknit.

That's me for now, I'm getting as many cuddles with Tiny and Baby Needles as I can and having alovely time planning my flower garden for this year.

Have fun............Clicky Needles.


  1. What lovely news! Much love and congratulations to you all! xx

  2. Fantastic news, many congratulations!

  3. Gorgeous photos of the little babe. How lovely! Congratulations! Wonderful Fairy set! Enjoy. Amanda x

  4. That is wonderful news. Congratulations. I hope all are well 💜

  5. Lovely news born in the new year so not a Christmas baby. Super fairy outfit and excellent new jumper. Xx

  6. Congratulations to you all, how exciting to do it all at home.

  7. Congratulations - what lovely news. I loved the tutu ad the wand and crown. How nice to plants seeds. Sweet peas are one of my favourite flowers, such a lovely fragrance and so many wonderful colours.

  8. That tiny hand and foot - so precious! Enjoy those cuddles.

    My favorite nephew was born at home. On my birthday. And I got to see it happen! Best birthday gift ever. :)


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