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Saturday, 1 January 2011


Monday 3rd January
Hi There!

May I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

I've been trying for quite some time to put together one of those clever photo mosaic thingys and I'm sorry but this is the best I can come up with. A few images that made me smile when I looked back.

I am persevering to learn how to make a mosaic and I am hopeful that one day I will be able to.

Today has been 'take the decorations down day' ~ a job I enjoy nearly as much as putting them up. Everything gets wrapped in tissue paper and stored in strong shoe boxes so they're all snug until next Christmas.

Mr Clicky Needles and me bundled up the tree in a tarpaulin and took it to the local council's tree recycling skip. Mr CK was a sight to behold ~ he decided not to put said tree in the open door bit but to throw it over the top into the skip. It must have been 10 feet tall. It took him 5 attempts, not helped by me one bit because I was too busy howling with laughter.
It's in there now, so all's good.

Whilst we were having fun at the skip, snow was falling again. It snowed whilst we put the tree up and it snowed when we took it down, which it sort of poetic I think.

I've just realised I've not shown you the present I made for Northern Monkey in the Phoenix Forum Christmas Swap. Northern Monkey just loves green so I made her this green shawl in Drops Delight (another nice sock yarn from Scandinavian Knitting Design!!!!!!!!) it is quite loosely spun so has a bit of a halo. (I'm making some gloves in it at the mo' I'll show you tomorrow.)
I also tried to get some green pressies to go with it, Green and Blacks Choccy, green Knit Pro stitch markers, a shawl pin, a black sparkly purse (we all need a bit of sparkle) and a Christmas Mug with felted characters on it.
As I predicted on my last post, dancing on the Wii did me in so I obviously need to do it more often.
I've another day off tomorrow so I'm going to my LYS ~ Along Came Polly's knit group morning, to indulge myself!

See you soon! ...........Clicky Needles.

P.S. Hope you like the new quote!


  1. Hi there! You did a FINE job of posting the photos. I also don't know how to do the clever collage things.. but I faked it out and put something together in PhotoShop to put on my blog. You and I need to find out their secret... :-)

      *H*A*P*P*Y* *N*E*W* *Y*E*A*R*!*

    Teresa :-)

  2. Ah Teresa we do need to work out the secret - I thought your's was a 'real' one hehe. The air was blue whilst I tried and I wanted to kick the Mac which I never usually do!

  3. I absolutely loved my green themed parcel as well, I've been wearing the shawl a lot and have had a lot of compliments, it is just lovely :)

    Happy New Year to you!

    Laura x

  4. That's a lovely swap parcel! I'm not even going to go and take a look at all the Drops yarn! I make my photo mosaics using Big Huge Labs, and link my Flickr account.


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