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Sunday 30 January 2011


Two surprises for people this week.
Surprise No 1.
I finished the Ruffly Shrug at last!!!!!!
This has taken 6 months, it was started in July.
It should never have taken this long but it has spent quite a long time in the naughty corner.
I dragged it out and had a final bit of a push with it.
Poor B, every time I've seen her of late she's hopefully looked at me and said "Shrug?" I've looked at me feet and felt guilty.
So here you go B.
Modelled by DD, as obviously it doesn't fit me.
Surprise No 2.
The Girly Shawl I've made for Mum.
It is a bit of a surprise because I didn't tell her I'd started it.
I had to take DS to Rugby Training on Wednesday Evening. Did I get out to watch on the muddy pitch in the rain under the floodlights? No, and nor would you I suspect. I sat in the car and knitted with the lights on.
This has taken a week to make ~ nothing else on the go.
Another colourway of that lovely Drops Fabel Sock Yarn.
I'm writing up the pattern it will hopefully be up soon.

I went to Crochet and Chatter at Along Came Polly on Friday morning. I only managed the last three rows on the Ripple It All Up Blanket, so probably a bit too much chatter but it was nice to relax in sofas surrounded by yarn and good company.
I am however, hopeful that the blanket will be finished soon.

I'm also hopeful of a quiet day at work tomorrow ~ we have the builders in and the drone of diggers is just about driving me crazy. There's a mantra we're all chanting "It'll be great when it's done...."
Have a good week.
Bye for now.............Clicky Needles.


  1. Love your shrug.. and shawl and ripple! Bravo! Good for you to get so many WIPs done! :-) hugs, Teresa

  2. and the other "thing" has obviously worked xx

  3. Well done for finishing that shrug. And only a week on the shawl - super fast knitting! I wonder what you've got lined up next?

  4. Congratulations on getting that shrug finished! The shawl is looking great, that yarn is lovely.

  5. I love the shrug Clicky Needles!


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