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Sunday 30 January 2011

Girly Shawl Pattern

Girly Shawl Pattern
A few people have asked for the pattern for my Girly Shawl. It is based on this pattern from Anne Carroll Gilmour, I changed it a bit and she's happy for me to share it.

100g of Sock Yarn. I used Drops Fabel in Candy Mix 2 x 50g balls.
3.75mm Needles (either long straight or circular needles) I used 35cm straights.

kf+b ~ Knit forward and back into same stitch.
yo ~Yarn over needle.
The shawl is knit from the neck down.

Set up rows.
Long tail or stretchy cast on 5sts.
Row 1. Knit.
Row 2. Knit.
Row 3. k1 kf+b, k1, kf+b, k1 (7sts)
Row 4. Knit.

End of set up.

Main Pattern Section.
Row 1 (right side) k2, yo, k1, yo, k1, yo, k1, yo, k2. (11sts)
Row 2. k2 purl until last 2 sts, k2.
Row 3. k2 yo, (border) k3, yo k1 yo (centre), k3, yo k2 (border) (15sts)
Row 4. k2 purl until last 2 sts, k2.
Carry on increasing 4sts on a right side row at the borders and centre as set.

Eyelet Section.
When you decide you want an eyelet row ~ I made mine every 4 rows ~
Wrong side row knit all sts except the centre which will be a purl.
Keeping borders correct (k2 yo k1) *yo k2tog* until centre st yo k1 yo k1 *yo k2tog*
(border) yo k2.
Next row (wrong side) knit all sts except centre st purl.

Work 4 rows of Stocking Stitch keeping Border and Centre Stitches the same as before.

Carry on with eyelet section.

Carry on in this manner until you have used up nearly all of your yarn.

After 4 rows of plain stocking stitch decide how you want your border to be.
I did a crochet border on the pink shawl but a picot cast off on the orange.
Dampen and block to bring out the pattern. I didn't block mine too much because I wanted the 'bumps' of the Eyelet Section.
My eventual size was 110cm x 50cm (down centre row.)

Thanks very much to my pal M for test knitting.
You can also download the pattern here.


  1. :) Thank you for sharing your creativity and the lovely pattern. I am going to post it in the small shawl lovers group on Ravelry. Come join us. I'm sure you would bring a refreshing view to the group!

    SassySean on Ravelry

  2. Wow.. thanks so much. I've joined the group (must admit I didn't know about it.)

  3. I'll post better pictures when the light is better. Too grey and dingy at the moment :-(

  4. How are binding off with this pattern?

  5. I did a picot cast off on the orange one (link in pattern) and on the pink, cast off and then did a crochet edge. Hope this helps.

  6. Love the patterns. I actually wanted to know to do such kind of patters.

  7. I started the shawl yesterday and so far am loving it! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Hi Clicky
    Love the pattern and your work.
    copied the pattern onto my word processor, the link was down.
    will be making this one in the light blue, fine yarn I have for my little friends shoulders. - live in Houston Texas,
    keep posting, like to see more.

  9. Looks lovely going to try and make it now.

  10. Thank you for your lovely pattern. Just to let you know your link to print the pattern is broken. I copied and pasted to a Word doc. Thank you again.


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