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Sunday, 16 January 2011


Hello All.

Life has been ticking on as usual here.
Butterfly Knitting Group was yesterday ~ it was great to see everyone again ~ we had a good natter and a bit of a rummage through each other's Christmas presents!

I've lots of things to show you this week.

I finished crocheting the scarf from roving. It looked pretty good before felting ~ I liked the way the colours blended into each other.
But daft old me ~ I put it into the washing machine.
It's only roving.
Why did I do that?
I'm not sure.
When I got it out it was a over-felted mess, as you can see.
Should have felted it by hand.
Woopsy ~ we live and learn.
So with the scarf in the bin I've been looking at some purchases I've made recently, to cheer myself up.
Another order from Scandinavian Knitting Design (!) ~ I've promised my Mum a triangular shawl in the same pattern as my Girly Shawl so yarn was needed.
She's chosen the orange one in the top right corner............and I've chosen the rest!
I got the plain yarn to make socks with other yarn oddments ~ stripy feet and plain up the leg as it's never seen.

You remember I was unsure about what to get for my birthday pressie before Christmas?
Well I decided.
I'm going to have a go at some yarn dyeing so I visited a nice little site called Wingham Wool Work. They mainly sell fibre and spinning equipment but they also have dyes.
I got this starter dye set.
It has some lovely 'strong' colours in.

I also got some merino tops. The colour isn't showing that well ~ the red is more pink.
The reason that the tops fell into my basket (as things do!) was the lovely postie gave me this book last week.
It shows you how to wet felt, needle felt and knitting and felting ~ we all can see how good I am at the latter.
Anyhoo a lovely book with lovely pictures.
I'm not sure I'll mange these fish....
..but the flower....
..and tea cosy should be do-able.
The other thing that the postie had was....
....with some really good patterns in. The designers are mostly bloggers and have patterns published on Ravelry.
A cardi by Shannon Oakey.

Jacket by Mari Muinonen
Stephanie Japel top.
Jared Flood Scarf ~ I really like this.
26 patterns in all with garments, hats, scarves, gloves, socks etc ~ I would recommend it, a great book.

I'm finishing some bits and pieces off before I decide on my next project and I also had a go at my Ripple It All Up Blanket so a few more rows done ~ looking back the last time I did any work on it was September!

Right I'm off to read some more of Brave New Knits ~ I'll be adding more projects to the queue though. *groan*
Have fun whatever you get up to this week.......
Clicky Needles.


  1. Oh no! How annoying about your scarf! I shall watch with interest how you get on with the dyeing. And I agree, Brave New Knits is fabulous! Lots of excellent patterns, and I found the biographies interesting too. I've not done much intentional felting! It looks like it could become addictive!

  2. What a shame about your scarf! It was so lovely. :(

    I've done a bit of dyeing with Kool-Aid, and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Good luck with it, and I shall look forward to seeing the results.

    And I'm quite jealous of all your lovely "shopping"!

  3. The scarf.. why not give it to a homeless shelter? Someone will love it.

    Loved reading your blog today. :-) Teresa

  4. Oh no at the scarf. It's the sort of thing I'd do - just bung it in the machine without thinking things through first.

    "Brave New Knits" looks good - I might have to add it to my Amazon wish-list (well, you never know; someone might take notice of it!!).

  5. love the look of the teacosy!!

  6. Yes felting can be a bit of a problem. Could do with the old fashion washing machine type - just washing and then swill out and spin as you wish. That's the trouble with progress! Don't throw it out even someone in a charity shop may like it.


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